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Children can be so profound when you least expect it

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Hels20 Wed 05-Aug-15 04:36:40

We are on holiday - DH, DS and me. Not sure how much DS really likes being away from home although he does love the beach.

Anyway - we were at breakfast yesterday when DS suddenly looked at DH and said "You're my Daddy. I want you to be my Daddy forever." It made me and DH melt.

DS is 4 and has been with us for 21 months and never talks to us about adoption related stuff - and even when the subject of pregnancy/growing in a tummy comes up in general conversation (a handful of my friends are pregnant or just had a baby at the moment) he is always adamant he came out of my tummy, even though I try to correct him.

Anyway - wanted to share as it made me very emotional.

Velvet1973 Wed 05-Aug-15 06:35:35

Ah thank you for sharing that's so lovely. A real heart tugging moment I'm sure. smile

holdingontight Wed 05-Aug-15 06:40:02

That's lovely Hels, hope your holiday is fab smile

Sleepyfergus Wed 05-Aug-15 06:43:03

I stumbled across this in active convos and just wanted to say what a lovely thing for your DS to say! It made me smile.

poetboywonder Wed 05-Aug-15 07:09:46

well done you are clearly giving him everything he needs and he's now giving back grin

JamHoneyMarmite Wed 05-Aug-15 10:35:27

I love it when you can see their little minds working things out! One of my very best moments was when LO suddenly worked out that "mummy" was not simply my name, but was an actual role - LO had speech delay, and was learning very fast at nursery. One day at pick-up, LO raced over to me barging another child out of the way and told another child "NO! That's MY mummy, she's only mine!"

Devora Wed 05-Aug-15 20:38:01

smile dd likes me to tell her at bedtime that I love her, that I always wanted a little girl like her and I'm so lucky to have her. She then kisses me and says, "And I always wanted a mummy just like you, and you're going to be my lovely mummy forever".

Hels20 Wed 05-Aug-15 21:13:32

Aah - Devora - so cute!! Thanks for all your replies. It has made me feel all warm and fuzzy (and to think this time last year I was in the middle of a hellish time with DS...) It can come good - though I am sure there will be plenty of other bumps and turns in the road...but all good at the moment.

Kewcumber Sat 08-Aug-15 11:34:18

New milestone coming up Hels when DS has been with you longer than he's been without you...

Hope you're having a nice holiday.

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