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adoption referees

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prumarth Wed 09-Oct-13 20:59:37

Thanks so much everyone, much appreciated. I suspect I'm overthrowing this - just trying to anticipate anything that might put a spanner in the works!!

MaBumble Tue 08-Oct-13 23:18:57

I emailed my reference back to the SW (awful handwriting) and then they came out to visit me. So if your referee isn't confident in her writing skills, she can ask someone to write it out for her. The form was quite probing - but not difficult, if you know what I mean.

Remember they are interested in you, not your referees writing skills smile

Good luck!

morethanpotatoprints Tue 08-Oct-13 21:41:13

Hello OP, I am dyslexic and did a reference for some friends.
The sw called me twice for phone interview, which was very informal and also came to visit.
Even if they ask your referee for more written details they will not take the quality of writing into consideration, they are purely looking at the content.
Good luck, and don't worry

Devora Tue 08-Oct-13 20:49:13

I think all mine were interviewed, in person or over the phone. Can't see why the sw wouldn't be able to make reasonable accommodations for your friend.

Mrpip Tue 08-Oct-13 16:50:33

I gave 4 referees and each had to complete a detailed form. 3 were interviewed in person and again over the phone further down the line. (We went through this process late last year into this year, In fact we are still in it)
I agree with what a previous poster said about having someone else write it but only if your friend would want that herself. If she doesn't suggest it herself then I would go with her writing it in her own words regardless of spelling mistakes etc. From what you've said she is a good friend who can give a accurate account of you and your life. Spellings be damned! Just be careful you don't insult her by raising what she is surely aware and conscious of herself.
Good luck.... It's a long road but so very worth it.

prumarth Mon 07-Oct-13 07:50:09

Thank you both. I will add it to the list of questions for the social worker!

Italiangreyhound Sun 06-Oct-13 23:58:32

My referees were given a form to fill in and then interviewed but not all of them.

If the words are from her I don't see why her partner/husband or another friend of hers could not type up the form for her, or maybe even write it up, as long as what is said is from her and she signs it (I am guessing so please do check with your social worker).

Not all those I chose to be referees were asked to fill in forms or were interviewed but you do not know who will be asked out of those you offer, maybe some, maybe all.

It would not seem fair if she was not part of the process due to any literary skills.

If in doubt ask your social worker, I think.

I hope it all works out.

Kewcumber Sun 06-Oct-13 23:21:14

mine were interviewed by a social worker. Don;t think any of them had to write anything themselves just check what she'd written was accurate.

prumarth Sun 06-Oct-13 22:39:39

Does anyone know whether referees nominated as part of the adoption process are just verbally interviewed or have to supply written support? One of my preferred referees has very poor written skills (I'm not sure if it's dyslexia or similar but it can be very hard to follow sometimes) - is this going to be a problem? In all other respects, I think she would be great as a referee and knows my husband and my wider family well.

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