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anything else that may have been 'missed'?

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MissFenella Fri 23-Aug-13 21:22:13

DD2 has a non urgent hosp apt, made by me and referred by our GP. For some reason the hosp contacted birth mum to confirm the appt. Cue her ringing SW and asking about it. For that I am thankful as she could have just turned up.

We live in the same county so I presume DD had an existing hosp record with BM dets on - hence the screw up. New apt made no fuss or drama, but can you think of any other likely scenarios where old records may be held? I cannot but doubt I would have thought of this to be frank. Just wondered if there was any experience out there.


TulipsfromAmsterdam Fri 23-Aug-13 22:51:56

We had similar where the hospital appointment was sent to birth family and we only knew when we were 'reported' for non-attendance to another professional who immediately knew what must have happened. Though this other person rang to update details we still haven't had the appointment letter so not sure where it has gone this time.
If you have any other dealings, even with different departments in the same hospital, I would ring and confirm telephone numbers as one of our local hospitals kept different information in different departments. We would receive letters from one dept while the other sent to Protected Address, Do Not Give Out and popped it into a window envelope sad

Lilka Fri 23-Aug-13 22:58:27

Would I be right in thinking that your DD's aren't legally adopted yet? Once the adoption goes through your DD's will both be issued with a new NHS number and their medical records will begin anew, I think the old records are removed and sealed, so unless a big screw up is made, this shouldn't happen again. As you said, thank goodness birth mum did ring about it.

Aside from medical, personally I've dealt with child trust funds which I needed to take control of and move to another provider to avoid any accidental letters to birth mum, but they've changed the process for getting your child's trust funds now and where the money can be held so if your DD' s have them it won't be like when I did it.

I can't think of anything else off the top of my head. Obviously former schools and professionals from the past may have records but those people have no reason to be in contact with any of you post adoption

Lilka Fri 23-Aug-13 23:03:09

Although having said that, if your child has been seen by different departments of a hospital and they keep a separate record of visits with contact details then mistakes can still happen even if the main records are removed

TulipsfromAmsterdam Fri 23-Aug-13 23:14:05

Lilka -In my case LO is not yet legally adopted so thank you for the information regarding the new NHS number and medical records as this has never been mentioned before. I just assumed I would ring each department/hospital with the new surname and get everything updated that way smile

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