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Attachment Disorders and High Anxiety

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Lozzamack Mon 06-May-13 05:41:29

Hi all,

I have 2 children both adopted. We currently live in Singapore (where my children were adopted) but will soon be moving back to the UK permanently.

I'm wondering what the support is like for children with attachment and behavioural issues. We have had huge challenges with our daughter for the last 18months. She has been extremely oppositional, defiant, angry, and very violent - she is 7. We have had a variety of diagnosis here ranging from bi-polar to schizophrenic to autistic. To be honest, we are still not sure whether the most recent therapist has got it right with her - she seems to think she is just highly anxious. Things have improved slightly, and we now have some days where you would not think she were any different to any other 7 year old.

I currently have weekly skype sessions for myself with an institute in the US - I have found they are far more switched on about this issue. They have been an absolute Godsend in helping me understand what drives this behaviour. It is extremely difficult to get good help in Asia, they immediately want to medicate or my paediatrician here offered to take us both to church???

Anyway, can anyone advise what the support system is like. I don't want to go the school - my daughter maintains beautifully in school here so I am very reluctant to discuss with her new school as I don't want them to be viewing her as "the new girl with issues".

Would love to hear any advice.


KristinaM Mon 06-May-13 08:25:07

Try these

You should also ask your US agency if they can recommend a therapist in the uk . There is very little help or support outside London.

You will probably have to pay for private therapy here, it's extremely hard to get state funding and Almost impossible to get suitable help if your child is ok in school .most SWs here have no understanding of RAD, so if a child is good in school they assume its the parents problem . So it's probably quite like the situation in Asia!

Lozzamack Mon 06-May-13 09:02:29

Thanks for the links KristinaM, I will check those out. We are used to paying as we do it here for everything. I don't mind paying as long as the help is good.

fasparent Mon 06-May-13 12:20:40

Hi There is lots of support in the UK. Have been looking after young children for over 38 years., Moving can be stressful for all, your child's
problems may be related too prior problems as this pre adoption. Would concentrate on yourselves in the 1st instance , see how things go with new school home etc. Would try inclusions with daughter fun quality time
brownies, gym, etc . see how things pan out can access support if you feel you need it on the way. wish you all the best and a good transition too the UK.

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