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should I wait or phone?

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LocoParentis Tue 11-Sep-12 23:19:43

I'm in a small quandry and suspect know i'm just being impatient to get started but was hoping for some advice.

We made the decision to adopt. We contacted our chosen LA who sent us out an information pack. In the information pack was a very short form confirming our interest and asking for a visit. It had the very basic who are you, what ages can you consider questions on it.

We posted the form back last tuesday (4/9/12) in the prepaid second class envelope.

The website/info pack both say after they receive our form they will contact us to arrange the first visit. There are timescales for every other part of the process but not how long it takes them to get back in touch with us initially.

If they don't contact us by friday I want to phone them to say did you receive our form. My DH on the other hand thinks we should wait three or four weeks before hassling them to arrange the initial visit.

It's a fine line between being over eager and hassling them or so laid back we clearly don't want a child. And this will be the all important first impression of us.

I know the whole process will take ages
I know this wait will be nothing like the matching wait please please let us get to matching!

But at the minute I feel like we've just made the absolute biggest decision of our lives and I just want to get started.

Devora Wed 12-Sep-12 00:32:45

Congratulations on getting started [smiling]

I think both you and your dh are right - in that it wouldn't surprise me if it took three or four weeks for them to contact you, but I don't see any harm in just ringing to check that they received your form. Don't hassle them, though - they'll hate that.

Incidentally, I think it's really important to go with an agency that is efficient, moves things along quickly and communicates well with you. So see this as part of you auditioning THEM. You know you don't have to go with your own local authority, don't you?

Best of luck.

calmlychaotic Wed 12-Sep-12 00:33:18

I would say phone, mainly because I have no patience either and its what I did, they hadn't yet received my application so they talked me through an application( same as yours very basic) over the phone. We have open evening before visits in my council and due to me being over eager I'm booked on it twice! Well its better than not at all. Good luck, know how you feel I can't wait either x

Italiangreyhound Wed 12-Sep-12 01:31:28

I am the world least patient person! But I would say call Monday, then you can say "Last week I ......" which sounds sligtly less impatient than I sent you a letter a few days ago!!!

Just my thoughts!

We called one day, they called back three days later and it was all stations go and quite scary!!!

Good luck LocoParentis

funnychic Wed 12-Sep-12 06:36:00

Definitely phone them!! What harm can it do?

LocoParentis Wed 12-Sep-12 21:05:34

Thanks you've all made me feel better about it.

I think I'll wait until next tuesday then I can call and say "I posted the form two weeks ago". I'll put my best none hassling voice on while I do it.

Thanks Devora, I know we don't have to go for our local LA. It wouldn't have been practical for me at all. My work would mean my chances of running into birth family very high if we adopted too close to home.

The LA we have chosen is about 30 miles away and looks good on paper, has good performance figures, good ofsted etc so hopefully they'll be efficient.

Fishwife1949 Thu 13-Sep-12 12:59:26

Hi loco were in a similar situation were told at the info day we didn't need to fill out a form because we foster for the la but theta we were defo getting a home visit

Rang adoption uk and they said to ring a confirm i couldn't wait any longer so i rang today good thing i did the sw said she would sort it all.

I also asked (cheeky i know) if we pass our home assessment if we can be put on reserve list for the dec prep group

LocoParentis Thu 13-Sep-12 17:59:19

I got the call today, they are coming out on the first of october. Really nervous and excited at the same time.

Devora Thu 13-Sep-12 23:07:04

Hooray grin

Lilka Thu 13-Sep-12 23:37:10

Great news smile

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