Thoughts about T-Levels?

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FloMoJo Thu 11-Jun-20 16:03:56

Health and healthcare science are with ncfe from next year and not Pearson. As an FE lecturer, I am very excited about the T Levels and think they will more than prepare those learners who have a specific career plan/university in mind. Perhaps less so for those who have yet to explore opportunities.

ifigoup Thu 11-Jun-20 15:53:49

Does anyone know much about the new T-Level qualifications that are launching this autumn? One T-Level will apparently get learners equivalent UCAS points to three A-Levels. They’re based on 80% classroom time (in vocational subjects such as childcare, digital design etc.) and 20% on an industrial placement.

I’ve no beef whatsoever with vocational qualifications, but they’re not necessarily a great preparation for a very intensive degree in, say, a Humanities subject. Would your institutions be likely to accept them in lieu of A-Levels/IB? I’m guessing they’re closer to BTEC and likely to be a bigger part of the economy for post-92s.

The assessment and accreditation is all via the dreaded Pearson, which makes me more inclined to be a bit cynical about them...

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