(Why) is restructuring always the answer?

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notlisteningwithmother Sun 29-Sep-19 23:14:40

I am losing count of the number of times 'restructuring' seems to be the answer to any problem. Here we go again, I fear. I'd love to hear a positive story about the impact of academic restructuring. Or a successful counter-argument to another 'if we move A to B and put half of C in it' type of proposal. At the moment I'm just seeing gloom and doom.

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Nearlyalmost50 Mon 30-Sep-19 09:20:01

I hear you! Our admin services have been restructured 4 times in two years, we have lost some great staff along the way who are so pissed off they left. Academic staff seem less vulnerable to restructuring, or perhaps they are about to start on us!

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