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Which job/career?

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Thingsgettingstranger Fri 09-Jun-17 16:03:23

I'm thinking about changing jobs as I don't like mine and very much want to resign. I've looked around and was thinking of doing a 3 year degree at my nearest uni in either:

- Primary teaching
- Secondary teaching (not sure which subject though)
- Mental health nursing
- General nursing
- Paramedics
- Social Work (but then I need a further 2 year degree following this)

Can anyone give any opinions? I love working with people and my kids are teens so no childcare problems which will prevent me from studying efficiently. TIA.

impostersyndrome Fri 09-Jun-17 21:02:24

Hi OP, this section is mainly used by academics. You might get more useful responses somewhere with more traffic. Perhaps Higher Education, or (Back to Work at a pinch).

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