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Missed my chance??

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Femaleindecisive Mon 20-Mar-17 17:35:10

So I am not sure if I am on the right thread here but I am desoerate for some reassurances or even just opinions. I am 32 and I work in accounts and find it so f'n boring. I go to work everyday and I feel no motivation to get any work done. Been doing a lot of thinking lately and I think I need a complete job overhaul; I cannot call my current job a career and I would really like a career, something to help me get up everyday and embrace life. My daughter is coming to an age where she can be a lot more independent and hubby has a really great career due to a lot of hard work and studying so think it's time to focus on me.
I need to work so I can afford a few bottles of Prosecco (priorities) on a weekend so I am thinking about distance learning. I would really like to work with kids and after a bit of googling turns out I need a degree to get into anything that I would like to do.
It would take me about 6 years to do it in my own time, that would make me 39 (i'll be 33 when courses start) just to get an undergraduate degree. That's without any further education like a Masters etc. Am I being ridiculous? I feel I have missed my chance but I think if I wait or not go for it I will really regret it. HELP smile

usefultoken Mon 20-Mar-17 17:38:15

You are totally not being ridiculous. At 39 you'll be very employable and with loads more life experience than your average graduate. I studied while married with kids and it was fine. I would say go for it and best of luck, 6 years will fly by.

usefultoken Mon 20-Mar-17 17:39:01

Also, I did a masters with a lady who was on her 50's.

HerOtherHalf Mon 20-Mar-17 17:41:29

At 39 you will still have more working years ahead of you than behind you. It's not as old as you might first think when put into perspective.

FaFoutis Mon 20-Mar-17 17:41:53

Hello Female, I teach adults on degree courses. At 33 you would be fairly young in one of my groups. My students are mostly career changers in their early 40s, lots are heading for teaching.
You have not missed your chance at all.

Femaleindecisive Tue 21-Mar-17 09:09:04

Thanks everyone, means a lot! I think I will just bite the bullet and do it...

@FaFoutis do you teach in a University? The other thing I was probably overthinking is how employers take to qualifications gained through distance learning.

FaFoutis Tue 21-Mar-17 10:09:27

I teach in both kinds - brick and distance.
My distance learning students have no problem getting jobs. Their ability to organise and motivate themselves to study while working is seen as an asset.

good luck!

geekaMaxima Tue 21-Mar-17 10:41:02

Distance learning is generally fine with employers but the provider does count.

Open University or other standard university (Essex, Birmingham, etc.) running a distance learning course? No problem; this is the safest, most reputable route to a distance learning degree.

Private companies like Arden who run only distance courses? Riskier: they are unfamiliar to a lot of employers and they haven't established a solid reputation yet if they ever will.

Femaleindecisive Tue 21-Mar-17 14:48:41

Open University is where I am looking at smile

Thanks for your help

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