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AnneKipankitoo Wed 22-Sep-21 14:44:33

Green Door, Shakin ' Stevens

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everywhichway Wed 22-Sep-21 18:25:52

Stage Fright - Def Leppard

Thanks Anne!

Samcro Wed 22-Sep-21 19:49:17

Nightmare- avenged sevenfold

everywhichway Wed 22-Sep-21 22:06:52

Centre of Eternity - Ozzy Osbourne

NotHereButPossiblyThere Thu 23-Sep-21 00:29:59

Forever Lost - The Magic Numbers

everywhichway Thu 23-Sep-21 11:19:52

Circle in the Sand - Belinda Carlisle

Morning all.

AnneKipankitoo Thu 23-Sep-21 16:23:17

Castles , Freya Whtsername

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everywhichway Thu 23-Sep-21 17:48:33

Someone to watch over Mey - Windsor Davies & Don Estelle

secretmeetingsundertrees Fri 24-Sep-21 07:11:45

you disappear from view - the teardrop explodes

AnneKipankitoo Fri 24-Sep-21 08:07:41

Gone Gone Gone , Robert Plant , Alison Krauss

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AnneKipankitoo Fri 24-Sep-21 08:07:54

Morning ☕️☕️☕️☕️

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NotHereButPossiblyThere Fri 24-Sep-21 09:10:09

Morning smile

You Stole The Sun From My Heart - Manic Street Preachers

AnneKipankitoo Fri 24-Sep-21 10:21:31

Blue Lines , Massive Attack

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Samcro Fri 24-Sep-21 10:56:43

church of the poisoned mind - culture club

AnneKipankitoo Fri 24-Sep-21 13:01:34

SOS , Abba

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secretmeetingsundertrees Fri 24-Sep-21 13:21:32

zurich is stained - pavement

thanks anne smile

Samcro Fri 24-Sep-21 14:40:53

Dirrty - Chris*tin*a Aguilera

AnneKipankitoo Fri 24-Sep-21 15:11:07

Ball and Biscuit White Stripes

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Samcro Fri 24-Sep-21 15:15:36

trumpton riots - half man half biscuit

(love that band name)

everywhichway Fri 24-Sep-21 17:51:44

Teenage Rampage - Sweet

NotHereButPossiblyThere Fri 24-Sep-21 20:50:25

It Started With a Kiss - Hot Chocolate

everywhichway Fri 24-Sep-21 23:04:53

Boiling - Disclosure

AnneKipankitoo Sat 25-Sep-21 07:14:05

Tell Me On A Sunday , Marti Webb

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everywhichway Sat 25-Sep-21 08:23:43

Simply the Best - Tina Turner


AnneKipankitoo Sat 25-Sep-21 09:03:01


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