7 weeks pregnant - cramping and flux in symptoms - any advice?

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sholllssss Mon 14-Jun-21 13:48:11

Hi All,
I am probably just being a paranoid pregnant woman - but I'm 7+1 weeks pregnant with my second baby and since I tested positive at around 4 weeks, I have been having all sorts of symptoms (sore breasts, nausea, tiredness, slight heartburn, dull cramps) but now I'm barely feeling nauseous, my breasts are as sore, my cramps have started to get a little bit stronger.. still tired though!

I didn't have anything like this with my first and it felt that the first 12 weeks flew by in a flash, but this time round I feel that I constantly need to take tests to make sure i'm still pregnant! (I've taken 6 so far!)

I haven't had any bleeding so it could just be cramps because of my body going through changes.. but I have this overwhelming dread that I can't seem to shake off sad

Have any of your experienced this?

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