Looking for cookery programme recommendations of real food

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cantcooc Fri 16-Apr-21 18:09:55

Ive got a bit of time on my hands in the next few weeks and would like to learn how to cook some nice meals and wondered if there were any good cookery programmes on. Even old ones will do as I don't watch them usually. Im looking for proper everyday "normal" food recipes for a family.
Any suggestions would be welcome. TIA

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cameocat Fri 16-Apr-21 18:14:05

Jamie Oliver on Channel 4?

Mintjulia Fri 16-Apr-21 18:18:16

I've spent this Easter working my way throughJamie Oliver's 30 minute meals. They all take more than 30 mins (or I'm slow) but so far they have been easy, with readily available ingredients making good family food.

cantcooc Fri 16-Apr-21 18:21:45

ooh I remember trying out a Jamie's 30 minute meal ages ago and it took me over an hour!

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Mintjulia Fri 16-Apr-21 18:36:46

Yes, the bit that makes me laugh is he says 'get all your equipment ready, measure out all the ingredients etc etc' and then starts the timer. grin

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