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Not needed by kids anymore, what do I do now

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Catlitter1 Tue 16-Feb-21 22:12:32

I have 3 children, 2 have left home and the 3rd is staying at his dads for the next couple of nights. I have de cluttered, decorated and cleaned (on my second period of furlough) What do I do now?? I am not crafty btw

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lazylump72 Wed 17-Feb-21 08:54:12

How about an online course in something that interests you?
or is there something you have always wanted to do ,go or see? Maybe reaserch that and plan for when you can?
Volunteer somewhere?It might get you out and about a bit and make new friends?

Squish3 Wed 17-Feb-21 09:02:11

@Catlitter1 Options are limited in lockdown aren’t they?! 😅 I found myself with a lot of alone time over last year as I was pregnant with our first DC so was isolating and DH works away for weeks at a time. After all the usual bits and bobs that I wanted to get finished in the house, I binge watched a few box sets and I did a couple of online courses 😊
Centre Of Excellence have hundreds of courses that you can start and stop as much as you like 😊 if you use the discount code BIRTHDAY then all their courses are £29 for the next 3 weeks I think (seen on their FB page 😊)

Ocsetldil Wed 17-Feb-21 09:08:31

Turn up the heating, do hot yoga, sing as loudly as you can very badly, go to bed early and read a book. Do everything you can’t when someone else is in the house.

VenusClapTrap Wed 17-Feb-21 09:19:37

Gardening? Dh has taken today off and is taking the dc for a long bike ride to give me a break from them, and I’m going to spend it pruning and manuring the roses, and sowing tomato and pepper seeds in the greenhouse.

Catlitter1 Wed 17-Feb-21 12:37:33

Thank you for the great ideas, I’m going to look at an online course.

The garden is just grass and patio as it was easier to maintain when the kids were younger. I’m going to look at putting some borders in and plants that will attract the bees. Hopefully will keep me busy for a bit longer.

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VenusClapTrap Wed 17-Feb-21 12:43:58

Op now is the perfect time of year for making new borders. Bare root roses will be available until the end of March; they are a very economical way of buying them. Roses are easy to establish and care for, drought resistant, grow in any soil, bloom from spring through to the first frosts. Plant a few cranesbill to scramble around underneath them and you’ve got a lovely colourful border which the bees and butterflies will flock to. The David Austin website is lovely and informative to shop from - I overspend every year on it as a result though, because you can never have too many roses! smile

LER83 Wed 17-Feb-21 14:18:22

Definitely do something with the garden, perfect time to start! Maybe look up turning a corner of it into a wildlife haven. I've gone a bit overboard thinking about my garden and have drawn up plans and everything!

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