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3rd birthday in lockdown

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crumptrump Mon 15-Feb-21 15:19:41

DD is 3 next month. She's excited about is at a stage where she understands that she can't have a party with her friends but doesn't really get why and is upset about it. I was hoping that maybe we would be able to meet up with others by then or even that a zoo or theme park might be open for us to take her out for the day. It doesn't look like restrictions will be relaxed enough for her to even meet a couple of friends in a park.

So what can I do to make this a special day for her? At home we'll decorate a room, all dress up in costumes from her favourite film, have a few zoom calls with family, give presents, have cake etc but what she really really wants is her friends there and I just can't do that for her. Is there anything you've been able to do for your kids of a similar age that they really loved?

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Squidthing Mon 15-Feb-21 15:23:22

We got a pack of balloons of large animals from amazon which came with other normal latex balloons and a helium tank to blow up some of the bigger dinosaurs and our 3 year old was absolutely thrilled with it. He asked if all the balloons were for him which broke my heart a little bit but he didn't really miss party thing.

NickMarlow Mon 15-Feb-21 15:25:36

Could you do a zoom party for her and her friends? We did one for dd last month - she's 6 but her sister age 2.5 loved it too. We delivered party bags in advance with a simple craft from Baker Ross, a balloon, and a cupcake. Played musical bumps and statues (nobody out), they made their craft, we sang to dd and everyone ate cake, then finished with everyone playing with their balloons. If you keep it short it would probably work for a 3yo.

BrowncoatWaffles Mon 15-Feb-21 15:26:56

DS turned 4 in lockdown and we booked a local Zoom children’s party entertainer who ran an hour’s party. He wanted Mickey Mouse Clubhouse themed do so we bought a lot of bits off ebay for party bags and delivered them on walks, so every child had Mickey/Minnie ears, balloons, glow sticks, some sweeties, a cupcake etc.

The entertainer oversaw a treasure hunt, musical statues etc and did some magic and the kids were all able to see each other /sang happy birthday when we bought his cake in etc.

Was it the same? No, but he and his friends loved it. I think I felt more pangs than he did at it being a lockdown birthday.

I’m sure you could do it yourself if you wanted but for £60 or whatever we paid the woman dressed as Minnie Mouse and they were all a bit giddy about her!

(Of course now nine months on we’ve been to LOL Surprise, Paw Patrol and a Christmas Party all hosted by her too and the DC are all ‘it’s that Zoom party lady isn’t it?’ grin)

crumptrump Mon 15-Feb-21 15:58:21

Thanks everyone. She has quite a short attention span for anything on zoom so I'm a bit concerned that she wouldn't really enjoy it but I will investigate.

@BrowncoatWaffles I agree that I'll probably feel more pangs of sadness than she does!

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FixItUpChappie Mon 15-Feb-21 16:09:58

My 7yr old just had a birthday and definitely missed having the usual gaggle of kids over. We decorated, did up a special cake as usual and zoom called grandparents to sing happy birthday. We also did a big treasure hunt o his presents (thank you mumsnet), played a few party games, had his favourite food and we all had a sleepover in the living room watching movies he picked out. We also redecorated his bedroom - and revealed it on the day - he had to sleep in his brothers room for a week which was novel. New paint, Star Wars wall paper, new loft bed, curtains, proper desk - the works.

MotherOfCrocodiles Mon 15-Feb-21 16:19:20

I think for 3rd birthday they are pretty focussed on themself - presents/cake/balloons etc - and might not pay much attention to friends even if some were there. I think at that age if you tell her it's a good time, and there is cake/presents, she'll believe you.

manyhorror Mon 15-Feb-21 16:21:04

How about a few friends in the garden if allowed, a little tea party and some bubbles and music then you could hire sleepover teepees as a surprise. Whoever is in your household could sleep in them including the adults!

There are also companies doing doorstep visits from characters like Elsa.

I've read that children may be excluded from meeting up one-on-one again next month but from next Monday you should know more.

inappropriateraspberry Mon 15-Feb-21 16:23:38

Agree with @MotherOfCrocodiles. At 3, they'll be happy in the day with whatever you do. My DS will be 3 soon and we're just having a cake and a few balloons. They're unlikely to remember it, and don't really have the attention for a proper party with games etc anyway.

EssentialHummus Mon 15-Feb-21 16:23:41

Series of one on one playdates to various parks with exciting snacks and new games? We did this recently with a friend and the 3yo in question seemed to enjoy it.

crumptrump Mon 15-Feb-21 20:18:59

Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I know she won't remember it in the long term but she is a sociable little thing and has a great memory and still talks about her 2nd birthday party when 'all my friends were at my house' and all she ever asks to do is play with other children at the moment and I feel really awful saying no all the time.

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