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Valentines - Leggings, slippers, Netflix, take away - come join me!

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Bananabuddy3 Sun 14-Feb-21 22:29:25

Awww don’t worry, I’ll send a deliveroo your way to recharge cakebrewsmile

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BlackeyedSusan Sun 14-Feb-21 22:14:20

Fine, other than brain seems to have gone away without me for half term. = Not being very good company.

Valentine's Day=takeaways= more delivroos.

Bananabuddy3 Sun 14-Feb-21 19:25:11

@grassisjeweled excellent, I’ll get you a glass 😃 Fill mine to the top - makes me even more game for a laugh. Btw once I’m drinking I start talking really fast. Come and hep me laugh at soppy valentines posts grin

My worst valentines memory (or funniest) was a guy who I was set up with on a blind date (by someone who’s no longer my friend thank god) - the first thing he said was that his new anger calming medication was really helping him and he had put a new sheet on his zed bed especially for the occasion - then he winked and said we should go to Spoons for the two meals for £10 option......tres romantic

@BlackeyedSusan I don’t quite get what you mean - but I hope you’re ok!

From a distance my deliveroo driver was quite fit but sadly they drop and bolt these days - so flirting opportunities are minimal.....the Hermes driver seems to hand around though and he is not my cup of tea. Very annoying.

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grassisjeweled Sun 14-Feb-21 17:51:02

Ignore the other 2 op, I'm here!

I have wine, memories and am game for a laugh 🥂

BlackeyedSusan Sun 14-Feb-21 17:48:18

Ahhhhh.... you've just answered the question as to why there are lots of deliveroo riders out and about today.... honestly, not looking good for being good company. blush

mywifi Sun 14-Feb-21 17:22:57

I'll pass thanks. I spoil parties as soon as I show my face, hope some fun party folk turn up soon grin

Bananabuddy3 Sun 14-Feb-21 17:17:50

Anyone want to join me?

I’m on the sofa, leggings, comfy t shirt, tv is on, take away is ordered - and I’m looking dead sexy in a face mask and cucumber eyes (well not right this second because I can’t see through it - anyone else suffering from a really dry face having to wear a mask all day?)

Come join me! I have prosecco, cider, wine and biscuits to share. We can be like old uni house mates and play video games or scare ourselves shitless with some kind of horror series on Netflix. Or be totally cheesy. I’m flexible grin

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