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I'm 5lbs less than I was yesterday

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AprilThe8th Sat 13-Feb-21 16:22:51

V good news for me but I'm hungover so assuming dehydrated.Will i put all the weight back on tomorrow? Please say no grin

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AtleastitsnotMonday Sat 13-Feb-21 16:29:03

Sorry but I think you likely will.

NonagonInfinityOpensTheDoor Sat 13-Feb-21 16:33:51

Your weight can fluctuate several pounds in one day which is why weekly weight tracking is recommend over daily. You’ve been drinking so as you say you’re dehydrated, plus the extra calories in the alcohol could catch you up.

ChronicallyCurious Sat 13-Feb-21 16:49:17

I always lose between 2-7 pounds after a few drinks. No idea why so much but I also presume it’s because alcohol dehydrates you. I always put it back on though, sorry OP.

LimitIsUp Sat 13-Feb-21 16:50:12

Crikey, drink some water!

Sinceyouwentaway Sat 13-Feb-21 16:52:56

Was the scale in a different position to what it usually is?

roundtable Sat 13-Feb-21 16:53:04

Don't bodybuilders and celebrities the night before their event drink a glass of wine to dehydrate themselves and 'lose' weight for the day.

Don't think it works if you do it everyday though. grin

Meowtha Sat 13-Feb-21 16:58:38

Yeah this happens to me.

Hungover on Friday I was 139lbs. Today I'm 143. angry

Dotinthecity Sat 13-Feb-21 17:01:48

Dehydration and a really good ooo can do this to you. Just enjoy the day of being 5llbs slimmer! 😉

Dotinthecity Sat 13-Feb-21 17:02:15

Poo! Not Oo! 🤣

nancywhitehead Sat 13-Feb-21 17:06:03

This isn't an unusual fluctuation especially if you weighed at a different time on both days.

AprilThe8th Sat 13-Feb-21 17:41:25

Scales were in exactly same position

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DianaT1969 Sat 13-Feb-21 17:43:51

It isn't 5lbs of fat that you've lost in a day, and you won't put 5lbs of fat back on when you drink some water. So it isn't relevant really. Just interesting to note how much liquid our bodies hold and lose.

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