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Has anyone had there kitchen units sprayed?

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heckythump01 Thu 21-Jan-21 09:56:52

Just wondering if I should freshen up the kitchen and look at getting my kitchen units sprayed / painted. Has anyone had there's done, if so are you happy with results?

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WitchesNest Thu 21-Jan-21 10:06:19

What are your units made out of? What you’re able to do to them depends heavily on the materials they’re made out of. For anything MDF based I’d recommend a vinyl wrap instead of painting and spraying

heckythump01 Thu 21-Jan-21 10:24:50

Oh gosh I dont know, never heard of vinyl to Google! Is vinyl wrapping expensive?

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heckythump01 Thu 21-Jan-21 10:27:19

These are the units

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JudgeRindersMinder Thu 21-Jan-21 10:29:30

Funnily enough I had a conversation with a painter about this yesterday! A. Friend had hers done and the finish is amazing. I’d initially thought about wrapping, but I’m not convinced about how robust it would be, not matter how long a warranty they give. I did get a price from a couple of wrapping companies, and it’s coming in at exactly the same cost!
My kitchen is an idea one, it’s been in for 13 years and is as solid as the day it was installed-I just want a change.

I’m going for blush pink units grin

heckythump01 Thu 21-Jan-21 10:38:53

So are you painting your units JudgeRindersMinder? Ours is 10yrs old, it just needs new handles and freshened up

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JudgeRindersMinder Thu 21-Jan-21 12:11:31

I’m not painting them myself, this guy does it by spray painting, and it’s an amazing finish. It’s not cheap though, at £1750, but it’s a big kitchen with a lot of cabinets. I envisage it lasting a good 8-10 more years longer

MustardMitt Thu 21-Jan-21 12:44:11

I’m following a woman on Instagram who painted her own, I’m going to do mine.

They’re MDF covered in laminate, so that needs to come off first - she used a hairdryer.

I’d considered the other options but they are £££ - I might as well just get new doors.

heckythump01 Thu 21-Jan-21 12:44:42

Where are you based? If North West could you pm me? grin

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heckythump01 Thu 21-Jan-21 12:46:40

MustardMitt there's no way I'd do them myself.....I would be sooooo stressedgin

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MustardMitt Thu 21-Jan-21 15:12:37

Honestly if I fuck em up then I’m only out £50, and I’m tight as a gnats arse so would rather try first.

When I say me, I mean husband of course grin

EmmaStone Thu 21-Jan-21 15:20:27

We had ours done at the end of 2020. Our kitchen was solid oak, and although probably about 20 years old, still in fantastic condition, so the guy who did it for us was happy to do it. It wasn't cheap - £2500, but included some additional work beyond the spray - we had a cabinet moved, and a plinth made for the oven (we replaced an Aga, and the space vacated was bigger than we needed for the replacement oven, so there was some remedial work to make good). Also the kitchen is quite large. So although not cheap, our kitchen fitter reckoned it would be about £25k to replace, so £2500 to make it look like new was definitely money well spent.

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