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Can I get a refund for unsuitable medicine on private prescription?

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ShirleyPhallus Thu 21-Jan-21 09:44:03

Assuming the answer is no to this but would rather sound like an idiot on here than in person at my pharmacy

I got given a private prescription from a doctor which cost £51. It was a private appt through health insurance, to get the referral through NHS GP would have been waiting list of 6months+. Now I have the prescription it says strictly do not use if you’re breastfeeding, which I am, and plan to do so for another 6 months - a year.

The private doctor has now said not to use it until I’ve stopped breastfeeding but the medicine has a limited shelf life. So is there any chance I can get a refund of it from the pharmacy? I thought the pharmacy usually ask you if you’re breastfeeding when dispensing and the doctor should have too to avoid this sort of situation

(Note, I know with many medications they say don’t use if you’re breastfeeding cos the trials haven’t been done so it’s probably ok but this explicitly says it could be harmful to your baby so really shouldn’t)

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Mydogisagentleman Thu 21-Jan-21 09:48:37

I wouldn’t think so.
That’s why the advice is to check before you leave the pharmacy.
It can’t be dispensed for anybody else

Sensateria Thu 21-Jan-21 09:52:09

I'm not sure it's the pharmacy's fault, they've dispensed medication as prescribed.

The pharmacy won't be able to reuse or reissue the medication, if you return it, it'll go in the bin.

But still worth asking though.

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