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Flickoffboris Wed 13-Jan-21 13:03:44

Hello, I have terrible teeth, winky, yellow, gum disease, absolutely yuck. Years of neglect and fear of dentist.
After a bit of hypnotherapy and finding a lovely dentist I'm finally ready to address my problems.
I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience of being in a similar position and willing to share their experiences?
Thanks flowers

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Bearnecessity Wed 13-Jan-21 13:27:23

No but I am always looking to improve, what are you planning to have done?

Flickoffboris Wed 13-Jan-21 14:30:52

Oh crikey I need everything done. A good clean to start, maybe some whitening. A couple of fillings at the back. Something done about a really wonky tooth. Just everything sad

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HappyAsASandboy Wed 13-Jan-21 15:17:27

I had (have?) an awful fear of the dentist. I've been about every 5 or 7 years as an adult, and only when I know there's a problem to fix. I have had two extractions in the last 5 years due to neglect and no dentist visits.

In December, I finally went to see a dentist about a broken tooth I broke on a cherry stone last April. I had been kicked of the NHS list at my dentist because I hadn't been in 5 years. So I had no choice but to go privately, to the dentist they assigned. I was scared, but had no choice really - I had half a tooth left with sharp edges and another tooth had lost a filling sad

The dentist was amazing. He took the briefest of looks on the first visit, while I sobbed and pinged in an out of the chair every time he came close. He booked me in for the extraction and a filling and said we'd go from there. He was totally amazing, as was his dental nurse, they spoke to me, and listened to me, and gave me a hand signal to use if it hurt or I wanted him to stop. It did hurt, I did wave the signal, he stopped, we spoke, he gave me more pain relief, and for the first time ever, I had painless dental treatment. He did an extraction and a filling on that visit, and while it wasn't nice, obviously, it also wasn't hideous.

I went back a month later (Christmas got in the way) and had two more fillings and then cleaned. I'd never had them cleaned before, and now all the yellow/green plaque has gone. The cleaning wasn't very nice, but I trusted him after he listed about the pain, and I got through it. I will go back to him every 6 months now and never get kicked off his list as he's the first dentist in 40 years that has actually listened and believed me when I've said it still hurts. I trust him to stop if I ask him to, and to help me find a way to stop it hurting, and to not shame me about the state of my teeth.

If you're in Cambridgeshire, I'll let you know his name!

Tier10 Wed 13-Jan-21 15:44:43

About 14 months ago I had 2 dental implants, one tooth removed and lots of mini fillings at the top of the teeth. Since then I’ve been seeing the dental hygienist every four months. You can’t really see any difference as the implants are at the back of my mouth but it really makes a difference to how I feel. Knowing my teeth are regularly checked and apart from the one that was removed are all there and don’t need fillings or work done on them is such a good feeling.
All the best with the work you get done.

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