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Ntwa Tue 12-Jan-21 08:55:42

Wasnt sure where to post this so feel free to move.
So without saying what is I'd like to make I was wondering if anyone could help with the logistics of how and if its possible to make and sell a food product from your own home?
Where would I start?! Anyone done this please that could help..
(it's not cakes!)

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Ntwa Wed 13-Jan-21 10:36:18


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AlternativePerspective Wed 13-Jan-21 10:39:18

You need a health and hygiene inspection and certificate from the council first and foremost.

Your cooking area has to conform to very stringent standards.

TBH in the current climate I don’t imagine it would be possible.

GlobeUs Wed 13-Jan-21 11:21:26

I would start by talking to the Council.

Or, talking to people in your local area who do the same - Facebook usually is a good place to look up the food sellers, then ask them how they went about it.

In our area they've suspended the need for a certificate as they don't want to visit to carry out the inspections. I a now very careful who I buy from though.

Ntwa Wed 13-Jan-21 14:24:18

Thanks all I'll have a look. I realise at the moment it's tricky but after all this maybe!

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DonLewis Wed 13-Jan-21 14:27:54

You register for free, as a food business at your local council.

In normal times they would come and inspect, but unlikely atm. You should receive an acknowledgement of your registration none the less.

You will need a food safety management system. You can download a free pack from the FSA website. It's called Safer Food Better Business. You'll need the caterers edition. Print it out and complete all if the pages. It talks you through the food safety requirements.

Then you can register with sites like just Eat or Uber Eats. You usually need to provide your acknowledgement letter.

Ntwa Wed 13-Jan-21 14:38:10

Don thanks. I have that pack as used to hold a food and hygiene cert. It was things like wether I had to have an extra sink for handwashing?! Then I guess you advertise your product but surely its not that easy.. What about an insurance should anyone become ill.. Not that I dont trust myself but?!

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LiverColouredBitchPointer Wed 13-Jan-21 15:07:00

There may be different regulations depending which part of the UK you're in. Check your local council site to see their recommendations.

Good luck!

queenofSI Wed 13-Jan-21 15:17:26

What is it?

movingonup20 Wed 13-Jan-21 15:44:21

You need a food hygiene certificate for your kitchen plus you personally need the level 2 certificate. They can then inspect randomly.

I know people who do it so it can't be that hard but she had to ban the dog from the kitchen I remember

movingonup20 Wed 13-Jan-21 15:47:02

And yes you need public liability (if the public, Deliveroo etc are collecting plus cover for your product, it's easy to find policies online. 2 neighbours have started selling home cooked food recently so it's definitely possible at the moment

freezedriedromance Wed 13-Jan-21 15:54:25

Not sure if this applies to small businesses but food manufacturers have to state any of the 14 main allergens on their packaging too. Might be a consideration.

Ntwa Wed 13-Jan-21 17:12:42

OK.. Firstly thank you for your help.
I don't really want to disclose what it is at the moment .. Daft I know but I feel it will go one way or another!
So I have searched a long time for said product and never found anything quite like the one I learnt to make. I didn't really think much of this until I made it for a few friends and family and every one of them said how good it is and how I should sell it.
I was thinking to farm shops/delis really as can't see where else I'd go!
Need to work out wether it's worth the work first!

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Miltonkeynesmummy Wed 13-Jan-21 17:15:59

I don't have a hand washing sink in the kitchen but luckily have one in a down stairs cupboard so I use that.

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