How are you balancing home school and WFH?

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Pleatherforever Thu 07-Jan-21 12:20:30

I’ll be honest - I’m on my knees with trying to support my kids with home schooling whilst both my husband and I working full time. I’m WFH, his work is not home based.
Does any one have any amazing ideas? How are you organising yourself? I feel like I’m crashing at both work and home school and not sure how long I can sustain this for. I’m booking some half day hols but will run out of holiday long before schools go back.

Im really be anxious about the impact of not being in school on my kids education and wellbeing, so just don’t feel able to let them hang about doing very little - but I also have a demanding job and a boss who thinks he gets it, but doesn’t really. My husband and I are a team, but I’m the one who is here all day...

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