PLEASE help me remember the name of this TV show

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GileadWivesAreFashionIcons Tue 22-Dec-20 19:39:46

I have a vague memory of a TV show a few years (?!) ago, which I think centred around the breakdown of society and how quickly it could happen give the right circumstances. The only solid fact I can remember is a man who’s wife and son managed to get onto a flight to Spain but something happened to it and they didn’t make it.
It came into my head as a vague recollection yesterday (probably triggered by the Dover stuff) and now it’s driving me CRAZY.

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SingleWontMingle Tue 22-Dec-20 19:40:26

Years and Years

GileadWivesAreFashionIcons Tue 22-Dec-20 19:44:36

No it’s not Years and Years, I think it might have been at least 10 years ago. And it was a one off, not a series. Thank you for trying though!

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SingleWontMingle Tue 22-Dec-20 19:45:33

Aww shame. I LOVED Years and Years!

milienhaus Tue 22-Dec-20 19:47:47

I Am Legend when Will Smiths wife and child get on a helicopter (probably not)

Putthegasfireon Tue 22-Dec-20 19:47:52

Sounds a bit like I Am Legend with Will Smith or World War Z but I don't think they were going to Spain in either of those.

A lot of the apocalyptic films have that scenario though.

Putthegasfireon Tue 22-Dec-20 19:48:18

Ha, snap! @milienhaus grin


milienhaus Tue 22-Dec-20 19:50:45

Great minds @Putthegasfireon

Move2WY Tue 22-Dec-20 19:52:07


WhereverIGoddamnLike Tue 22-Dec-20 19:52:54

In The Day After Tomorrow, the wife and child of one if the British scientist heads off to Spain. She makes it though.

WhereverIGoddamnLike Tue 22-Dec-20 19:53:42

Manifest is brand new. Not years old.

knightsinwhitesatin Tue 22-Dec-20 19:54:02

There was one about a blackout and the following destabilisation of society a few years ago. I remember it being quite unsettling bit can’t remember if there was a flight to Spain involved.

NeedToKnow101 Tue 22-Dec-20 19:55:09

The Survivors?

Move2WY Tue 22-Dec-20 19:55:50

Oh, or The Event?

Judashascomeintosomemoney Tue 22-Dec-20 19:56:14

Sounds like a Black Mirror type thing?

Move2WY Tue 22-Dec-20 19:57:19

You’re thinking of FlashForward @knightsinwhitesatin

Move2WY Tue 22-Dec-20 19:58:01

I realised as soon as I posted. I didn’t see the 10 years old message til after!

CherryBunsAndLollies Tue 22-Dec-20 19:58:27

Was it a Channel 4 special (dramatization) about what would happen if all transport stopped?

I feel like it was called something like ‘What if traffic stood still?’ grin

PleasantVille Tue 22-Dec-20 19:58:37

Was it American and featured an African American president?

GileadWivesAreFashionIcons Tue 22-Dec-20 19:59:57

GOT IT! None of these but you have all helped jog my memory! (And also given me loads of suggestions for my watchlist)

It was The Day Britain Stopped. Reading the plot I can see why the Dover stuff made me think of it but also suggest not watching it currently 🙈

Thank you all, and if anyone else has further suggestions of this sort of thing please keep them coming, love this sort of thing!

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WhereverIGoddamnLike Tue 22-Dec-20 20:06:55

Oh. We were all thinking of apocalyptic shows! That one was just a very very bad traffic day but the rest of the country and society was functioning just fine!

GileadWivesAreFashionIcons Tue 22-Dec-20 20:08:46

@WhereverIGoddamnLike Told you I couldn’t remember much about it! 😂

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BitOfFun Tue 22-Dec-20 20:21:16

Is this it on YouTube?

FlyingFlamingo Tue 22-Dec-20 20:25:57

I remember watching this, around the same time was there a similar one about a pandemic?

missymoomoomoomoomoo Tue 22-Dec-20 20:28:57

Thanks OP for this. Watching now

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