How are you all tonight?

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Iwonder777 Mon 21-Dec-20 21:14:20

I'm in the bath. Drinking a cup of tea.

My safe place!

How are you all?

I'm feeling over-stimulated with everything going on right now and trying to regulate myself internally somewhat....

Can't dig up any (genuine) festive cheer....

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sheldonsgreenwithenvy Mon 21-Dec-20 21:15:33

drinking a whiskey and soda. Putting off going to bed because then tomorrow comes more quickly.

Dcs are squabbling.

Iwonder777 Mon 21-Dec-20 21:18:07

Can you pour me one please?

Oh and squabbling dc they're doing that outside the bathroom door too

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justanotherneighinparadise Mon 21-Dec-20 21:21:05

Sitting in bed with DP, holding his hand with the electric blanket on.

joan12 Mon 21-Dec-20 21:21:09

Rocking silently in the chair.

Had 3 glasses of prosecco with tea.

Feeling like I'm not really coping anymore tbh. Have held it together a long time.

itsgettingweird Mon 21-Dec-20 21:23:42

Laying on sofa and da next to me on his iPad.

Off to bed soon as up early for his swimming this morning and tomorrow we are up at 5 shock (that's not unusual for swimming but it's the holidays!)

I don't feel festive either.

Not comfortable being out and about doing the usual Xmas things and will be seeing my mum (who is having chemo) on Friday so I don't want to have contact with anyone beforehand.

OhCormoranAllYeFaithful Mon 21-Dec-20 21:23:48

I love a bath, it’s my total comfort space too.

I’ve had a good night, just off a zoom call and eaten my advent calendar choccie from today.


fairydustandpixies Mon 21-Dec-20 21:26:40

Wearing my new dressing gown that I'd bought to wear when I stayed at my parents. Won't be doing that now, Christmas will be me and just me, can't even volunteer for anyone because of the bloody virus, so I am now trying not to rage at idiotic posters on MN...😡

InterstellarDrifter Mon 21-Dec-20 21:27:23

I’m recovering from covid (4 weeks but still tired) and had dental procedure which involved needles which, I’m sure like many others, is fairly traumatic!
I am shattered.

InterstellarDrifter Mon 21-Dec-20 21:28:11

I’m not even making sense! Sorry.

nancybotwinbloom Mon 21-Dec-20 21:29:04

Pissed off. Had a massive row with DH.

I've having a prosecco now.

He's fucked off to bed. I'm going to watch GOT and sleep down here I just cannot be arsed with him tonight.

Cannot see this being resolved tonight or even tomorrow if I am honest.

coronafiona Mon 21-Dec-20 21:29:09

I'm just glad I've finally stopped work. Taking one day at a time. Conscious of a massive tidal wave of anxiety that I'm keeping a lid on though.

Oreservoir Mon 21-Dec-20 21:33:18

Anxious because I'm convinced there will be a countrywide lockdown by Sunday and my dd is supposed to be getting married next week after postponing in summer.

I did buy orange Smarties today so eating them by the handful.

DrCoconut Mon 21-Dec-20 21:44:03

I'm pleased it's the solstice and we are on our way back to lighter nights and hopefully warm weather. It always feels a bit like the worst is over at this stage in winter, even though it will probably get colder before it gets better. The improvement in light quality is such a big thing to me. Covid wise it's all a bit meh though isn't it?

Cherryup Mon 21-Dec-20 21:48:29

It's my birthday and I usually love this time of year, not feeling the remotest bit festive or birthdayish. Trying to not completely freak out but it's getting hard isn't it?!

Bearsbearsbears40 Mon 21-Dec-20 21:48:31

In bed with a cup of tea after a quiet evening. Getting up early to do the last minute food shop in the morning so the alarm is set for very early. Following the awful weekend news we heard today that a close family member is in hospital and is very seriously ill (not COVID), so that has really taken the wind out of my sails. I did listen to a lovely winter solstice concert earlier today though and am slightly cheered by the fact we’re getting through winter and days start to get longer from now on.

Iwonder777 Mon 21-Dec-20 21:51:39

Alas (thanks Boris for the reminder re this world)...... strange times indeed confused

I could not have predicted this level of Meh in March

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ilovebagpuss Mon 21-Dec-20 21:53:48

I’m so tired it’s been a long old year at work in the nursing care home world. I’ve had Covid and there has been many staffing problems and stress. Office based so it’s all payroll, sickness and testing non stop.
Spent Sat night until 2am in A&E with DD 13 having some sort of incredibly painful period cramps ended up on some oromorph. I’m still tired from the stress.
Break up tomorrow but have lots to do so can’t just enjoy Christmas and feel I have a cold coming.
Like many of you I think I’m just at the end of my resilience and keep crying in the car when I hear sad/kind stories.
However we have a ton of food in and booze and so are very very lucky and I will find some jolly for my girls.

Whirlwind14 Mon 21-Dec-20 22:00:07

Sat under a Christmas blanket, looking at the tree and feeling about as unfestive as I can be. I’m trying to muster the festive cheer for another day with the DCs cobbling together what Christmas magic I can find but it’s hard. It’s all so surreal...

LeaveMyDamnJam Mon 21-Dec-20 22:03:34

Just gone to bed. I have a sinus infection which is leaving me feeling like shit. I have half a swollen nose which is very attractive! Hoping to hear from the doctor tomorrow with a prescription for AB’s so I can start to feel vaguely human again by next week.

Fishfingersandwichplease Mon 21-Dec-20 22:07:35

I have done fuck all today and l.don't even care. So unlike me. Mojo has just gone.

dinodiva Mon 21-Dec-20 22:07:41

Slightly less anxious than I did earlier as 2 year old DS tested negative after a high temp blip on Friday. Isolating has been hard - not that there’s anywhere to go!

But still anxious. I think I’m going to have to disconnect from social media/news for a few days and really focus on Christmas and the kids, but it’s hard. I’m not looking forward to what is round the corner in January. I do think that there’s light at the end of the tunnel, but the tunnel is full of spiders, barbed wire and gremlins that we have to fight off first.

AlwaysLatte Mon 21-Dec-20 22:09:01

In the kitchen, waiting for the third cake to finish cooking and cooling millionaire shortbread ready for the chocolate. With a nice glass of red!
Kids have had enough of the cooking and gone off to make more mysterious Minecraft buildings. Peaceful!

Posturesorposes Mon 21-Dec-20 22:10:46

Just put away massive grocery delivery order for Christmas. Watching a French thriller with spouse, whilst cuddling dog. Baby and son asleep upstairs. Working out what the fuck are plans are if schools and nurseries close in new year whilst we both hold down full time jobs whilst the French thriller escapes me by

Bargebill19 Mon 21-Dec-20 22:16:35

Had a very weird shift at work and am eyeing up the baileys. As for Boris and co - I really no longer care after this afternoon’s announcement. Taking it one day at a time.

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