Covid - it's confusing??

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spidermomma Mon 21-Dec-20 04:31:00

So literally yesterday started with a runny nose, cough that's so itchy and I can't stop sneezing
I have nothing else I can still taste everything an no temp etc
I'm worried it's covid but myDB was the same all last week and he tested negative and he's okay now just still abit snotty nosed???
Iv ordered a test anyway but super worried as I need to get my older children to hospital next week for life saving treatment that cannot be missed ! sad
Hopefully il be okay as the baby was BUT blimey it's so confusing reading online how cold and flu and covid are all mixed up together and no one really knows what is what !

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xmasfairybuns Mon 21-Dec-20 04:44:02

I think you are right to test, it's so hard to tell. We've all had temperatures, a cough, muscle aches, nausea and chest pain with exhaustion to the point of staying in bed for days with loss of taste and smell but tested negative after the Zoe app said to test.

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