Please recommend an online quiz type thing

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Scramblinghealingdreaming Sat 19-Dec-20 06:12:31

Something we can do with family over zoom this Christmas?

I've heard people talking about these before but always resisted!

Recommendations would be really appreciated. Happy to pay for quality.

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TW2013 Sat 19-Dec-20 06:20:21

We play kahoot (free), admittedly not online but you could either screen share over zoom to do simultaneously or set a challenge, which is self paced, but do it all together on a zoom at roughly the same time.

Scramblinghealingdreaming Mon 21-Dec-20 10:28:45

Thanks, I thought there was some kind of family / friend type thing, but must have dreamt it.

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SillyOldMummy Mon 21-Dec-20 11:19:52

We invested in the Monopoly app along with our inlaws, it's quite good and not too expensive since.

I also like the Family Fortunes app, it's free, I'm not sure if you can pick your opponents but you could start at the same time, and see who could win the most money in a fixed amount of time.

Autumnly Mon 21-Dec-20 19:11:56

Sporcle party app is good. If you join you can host and invite others to play.

QueenofLouisiana Mon 21-Dec-20 19:16:35

I did the McMillan Cancer charity escape room over zoom a few weeks ago. It was easy to set up, good fun and kept us busy for an hour be a bit.

BarbarAnna Mon 21-Dec-20 19:17:40

Drawful is good fun. Kahoot also.


DailyPotion Mon 21-Dec-20 19:19:51

I've just asked a similar question.

McMillian have a selection of quiz scripts you can download, which I plan to use, but I haven't done any online either and am wondering if anyone has tips to make it go with a swing.

I might have a go at the escape room too.

Mangermaid Mon 21-Dec-20 19:44:12

Sporcle. So many different subjects and formats. Has a subtle North American bias though.

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