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Designer of a game for young teens

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Kirstieanne Sun 22-Nov-20 11:33:04

Hi moms, I am a designer and I am creating a project around anxiety in parents and young teens. The purpose of the design is to create conversation about anxious feelings, give knowledge and reduce the stigma around speaking about mental health. As we all know anxiety and depression is at an all time high with young teens, which will also effect the parents of these kids. I have created a well known origami game, which asks questions and gives advice (it usually has colours on top, numbers in the middle, sentences on the inside). It is called 'chatterbox' which some of you may be familiar with. Using this old folding technique I have used my creativity to connect both parents, teens and peers and engage them in conversation about their anxieties. I would love to know how you as mum feel about such a thing. Do you think it could help your kids open up more and create conversation? I have taken an analogue approach rather than digital to engage my audience in a tactile object rather than their mobile phones. Any advice or comments would be very appreciated!
Thanks, Kirstie

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