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Torn between locations in Cheshire!

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miracle0812 Sat 21-Nov-20 10:31:27

Hi all!
Wondering if anyone can give me any advice or opinion over places in Cheshire we have shortlisted? They all have positives for me and my family (DH and 3 DD’s) but trying to get a perspective from someone who knows these areas! (Work no issue can do anywhere but we will need a decent primary school and secondary!) We will be renting and would ideally like 3-4 bedrooms. Somewhere good for an almost teenager as well as our toddler in terms of things to do is also important.
Thanks in advance.. here’s the list

Knutsford, Nantwich, Tarporley and outskirts of Chester!

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FortunesFave Sat 21-Nov-20 10:46:49

I used to live in Mickle Trafford and it was really lovely. The school is excellent too...other than that, I suggest Christleton. Outstanding schools in a lovely village.

miracle0812 Sat 21-Nov-20 10:50:56

@FortunesFave Thank you! Mickle Trafford I’ve seen pop up a lot and Christleton although did scrub Christleton off the list as didn’t seem like much to do for our girls
Will look at Mickle more though thanks smile

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FortunesFave Sat 21-Nov-20 11:33:17

None of the villages have much to do...but there's plenty in Chester itself...teens get the bus in. There's guides and Brownies too. A word about Mickle Trafford, if your DC go there and you live there, it's highly likely they'll be placed in Upton High School which isn't nearly as good as Christleton.

miracle0812 Sat 21-Nov-20 11:48:54

@FortunesFave great thanks for the advice smile

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StoneColdBitch Sat 21-Nov-20 12:44:26

Tarporley is small and remote. Nantwich is a bit bigger, but still remote - it's a long way from the nearest decent big cities (I'm not counting Stoke!). Knutsford feels much more like an outpost of Manchester, though it's a bit Footballers' Wives/fur coat and no knickers.

miracle0812 Sat 21-Nov-20 13:54:41

Thank you @StoneColdBitch anywhere else that you think are nicer/better places? smile

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FortunesFave Sat 21-Nov-20 13:56:50

Do you know where's lovely? Hoole. I loved it there. Bit more to do...less villagey of course but you can walk into town if you feel like it.

StoneColdBitch Sat 21-Nov-20 13:59:13

Congleton and Sandbach are nice smile

Avoid Northwich and Winsford.

StoneColdBitch Sat 21-Nov-20 14:00:03

I don't know Chester very well, but a friend lives in Christleton and seems very happy there.

miracle0812 Sat 21-Nov-20 14:00:13

@FortunesFave ah yes that’s right by the city isn’t it?

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miracle0812 Sat 21-Nov-20 14:01:18

@StoneColdBitch thanks that’s helpful smile

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StoneColdBitch Sat 21-Nov-20 14:01:56

If Chester would be an option, what about the Wirral, which has grammar schools?

swimster01 Sat 21-Nov-20 14:03:49

Knutsford is in the flight path of Manchester airport.

I like Northwich.

miracle0812 Sat 21-Nov-20 14:04:47

@StoneColdBitch the wirral has come up a few times I’m quite overwhelmed and wouldn’t know where to start in that location deffo need to research it more! Any particular parts to look and avoid? Cannot wait to leave the South!

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miracle0812 Sat 21-Nov-20 14:06:52

@swimster01 yeah flight path isn’t too much of an issue not seen a single property in 6 months come up that I would want to view there sadly. Did love Knutsford when we were there though.
What do you like about Northwich? smile

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StoneColdBitch Sat 21-Nov-20 14:07:24

West Kirby and Heswall are nice. West Kirby is on the train line and has grammar schools in the town. If your budget doesn't stretch to West Kirby, you could look at nearby Hoylake or Meols.

CheshireLife Sat 21-Nov-20 14:09:33

Chester will have the most places to go for teens.

The other three are lovely. Nantwich has the disadvantage of being near to Crewe. Tarporley is very pretty and has a relaxed village vibe, but will have less to do than the other three.

miracle0812 Sat 21-Nov-20 14:09:54

Think rental budget would be fine in the wirral as in the south east we pay £1500 for a 3 bed house totally ridiculous!
Thanks will look at those places too smile

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miracle0812 Sat 21-Nov-20 14:11:35

@CheshireLife thank you! Is there much to do in Nantwich for them? We currently live in a small village with a corner shop and one cafe that is it!

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nancypineapple Sat 21-Nov-20 14:16:24

Native wirral person here-now living in London. Hoole is lovely and has a real community feel plus you can walk into Chester. Wirral has great schools-loads of good grammars and comps-stick to the west coast so Heswall, West Kirby and Hoylake or Caldy (if you have more money to spend on a house.) Plus you have great beaches and loads for the kids to do. I would move back if we could-however my eldest dc are real city kids ( ages 17 and 13) my youngest would love it up there.

CheshireLife Sat 21-Nov-20 14:17:06

For younger teens I don't really know but there are a reasonable number of pubs and one or two small nightclubs, which will be good for when they are older.

I assume there are leisure centres etc. I am not super familiar with Nantwich, but have visited a fair few times and have known a few people from there. Generally it has a good rep and the schools are reasonable.

Rollercoasteride Sat 21-Nov-20 14:17:29

I think it depends what you want out of your move. Do you want to be close to a town or happy with a village with things going on? I like Nantwich and Chrisleton. Malpas is a very small town with very good schools, Tattenhall is very nice also(but abit expensive). Malpas and Tattenhall have the country vibe.

BiscuitsUnited Sat 21-Nov-20 14:19:52

If you are looking atWirral, the west side of the peninsular is nicest- look at Neston, parkgate (these might be too small for you though!), heswall , west Kirby

We moved from the south east to Chester, it's great! Loads to do, lovely city and I'm really appreciating how nice it is for teens now I have one! I think the nicest bits of Chester are Hoole, Handbridge, (they're my top 2!) Westminster park, upton, Newton, broughton and vicars cross are nice family areas too. Further out as pps have said there's Mickle Trafford, christleton, waverton, tarporley etc- lovely villages but not for me personally as I like to be close to a town or city and not having to get in my car too much.

Was in tarporley the other day for lunch, it's lovely!

swimster01 Sat 21-Nov-20 14:20:57

Northwich is more normal/down to earth than Knutsford but still nice in my opinion (some good schools, a Waitrose etc).

Parts of the Wirral are nice too but its location has never worked for us - depends if you need to commute.

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