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Hysterectomy delay

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Hysterhelp Tue 17-Nov-20 14:08:01

Posting here for traffic.

I was referred to gynaecology during Spring 2019 and placed onto the hysterectomy waiting list. I was advised the 18 week timescale would be missed as the surgeon had a ‘long waiting list’.

I was contacted a month ago and given a cancellation for 48 hours time which I refused, for reasons outlined within the pre-op assessment.

I was told if I refused a second date I would be taken off the waiting list. No alternative date provided.

I did not wish to complain as I am aware the pandemic has caused delays but have now contacted PALS.

Am I within my rights to request a private hospital, if this is quicker? I really do not wish to wait any longer, it’s already over 18 months.

Thanks in advance.

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RuthW Tue 17-Nov-20 14:19:16

Of course you can request a private hospital if you are willing to pay for the op. Just ask your gp for s new referral.

Covidasaurus Tue 17-Nov-20 14:46:25

I’ve had similar experiences and the waiting lists are now over 12 months. I’mnow paying to have it done privately. After my first session at the private hospital they sorted out all the referral stuff etc for me. Cost is several thousand. sad

Hysterhelp Tue 17-Nov-20 15:32:38

@RuthW I cannot afford to pay. I thought I saw something somewhere about choose and book, and if the waiting lists are unreasonable the NHS could cover costs privately. Perhaps it was wishful thinking.

@Covidasaurus thanks for your reply. I am sorry you have had to wait too. Good luck with your op.

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RuthW Tue 17-Nov-20 16:09:12

Chose and Book is now called the NHS electronic booking system and that's how you booked in the first place. You may have a choice initially of a private hospital under the NHS if one is available for that specialty in your area but the wait is no shorter usually. You can't change now under the NHS unless you start again.

Hysterhelp Tue 17-Nov-20 16:27:10

@RuthW ok thanks for that information.

I had no idea when I chose the local hospital that I would be looking at 2 years. It was considerably delayed even before covid.

I will wait and see what PALS say.

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YetAnotherChicken Tue 17-Nov-20 16:34:34

An offer 2 days away is not a reasonable offer and your refusal shouldn't count. If you decline 2 reasonable offers (21 days notice) you will probably be discharged though.

Pals is unlikely to get you anywhere unless you're clinical urgency has changed. That said, surely you must be near the top of list and going via Pals might get you a good idea of when you're surgery is likely to be (depending on COVID obviously).

I know it's shit but everyone waiting is in the same boat

Hysterhelp Tue 17-Nov-20 16:39:50

@YetAnotherChicken I just need 2 weeks notice. I would feel better having a date, even if that date is another 3 months away. I know many people are in the same boat and it’s shit for us all.

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Ginfilledcats Tue 17-Nov-20 17:54:00

As pp says, they need to offer you a date with reasonable notice (this is 14 days usually) twice that you refuse before they remove you from the waiting list.

You can choose to go to a private hospital but you start the process again and will go to the bottom of the waiting list again sadly as you will need to start a meeting referral/18 week pathway and will have to see the consultant again and go through all the process again. Also as a pp says, wait list will be just as long as they were shut for covid too.

Unfortunately Gynae always has a really long wait because lots of demand, but sadly lots of people cancel at the last minute etc which causes delays. Covid will have made it worse like you say.

If they offered you short notice cancellation that would suggest that you are at the top of the waiting list though! I would call back and ask where you are on the waiting list and when they aim to have you in by.

Bare in mind your pre op is only valid for 3 months so if it's been longer than that you'll need a new pre op doing before a TCI date.

Good luck. This is such a sad but common situation in gynae even without covid!

Hysterhelp Tue 17-Nov-20 19:57:13

@Ginfilledcats thanks for that info. I have had 3 pre ops already. These additional pre ops must be adding further pressure to their workload too. I will give them another ring.

Thanks all.

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