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Does anyone know anything about Novation Launchpads?

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SkepticalCat Mon 16-Nov-20 18:29:46

And can explain it to me in words of single syllables?

DS (almost 12) has asked for one for Christmas. I think he has used one at school. I understand it's a device to create music on, but it needs to be connected to a computer with some type of software??

My main questions are:

Can a launchpad be connected to an android device (either a phone or tablet)? I think an adapter is needed - what sort of adapter?

I've heard something about Ableton software, but I read the words, but nothing is going in... do you need this software to use a launchpad?

I've watched some tutorials on YouTube and some seem to connect to apps found in the PlayStore. I've had a look, and there are loads of apps. Is there an official one to use with launchpad?

I'm really keen to get DS something he wants as it is very rare he asks for anything specific at all, but want it to be easily set up, with the correct adapters/software/apps etc.


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