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And there's a storm in the air tonight...

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HaleNo Mon 02-Nov-20 01:09:53

Windows are rattling. Which one is it now?

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Enough4me Mon 02-Nov-20 01:15:26

Aiden, I think.
Howling and at times roaring around me in the South West.

everybodyknowsus Mon 02-Nov-20 02:33:52

Windy as fuck here (SE). Just had a forty minute power cut.

teaandcustardcreamsx Mon 02-Nov-20 02:34:40

Absolute nightmare! Been going on for hours ffs

teaandcustardcreamsx Mon 02-Nov-20 02:35:42

Saw on the news that apparently it was NI/Wales/NW area but it certainly doesn’t seem to be confused

PinkBuffalo Mon 02-Nov-20 02:40:19

Horrendously windy here too. Keeping me up (as well as stress!)
I got to be up:for work in a few hours

IloveZoflora Mon 02-Nov-20 02:44:32

Very windy in SE with rain on the windows too, listening to the wind whizzing round the side of the house. Not sure what's annoying me more the wind or DH snorting. I've been down for a cuppa to try to restart bedtime routine and I could hear him snoring away happily.

Badabingbadabum Mon 02-Nov-20 02:49:01

Same here in birmingham. Its blowing right at the front of our house and our bedroom windows are rattling and there is a very loud whistle. I think new windows need to go on the list of things the house needs!

Bluewavescrashing Mon 02-Nov-20 03:22:32

Sounds like the end of the world.

hilariousnamehere Mon 02-Nov-20 03:29:11

It's kind of exhilarating outside - but annoying as fuck while I've been trying to meet a deadline and concentrating this afternoon and evening. It's just howled past my window constantly for hours hmm

pralineandketchup Mon 02-Nov-20 04:42:02

Windy here, I feel sorry for our neighbours who have no window just a wooden board as it's taking six weeks for the window for their back extension hmm

Finfintytint Mon 02-Nov-20 04:44:49

Ok here tonight but last night was horrible. Lost the sheeting on our shed. Just rainy tonight but quite mild temperatures ( Scotland).

GreeboIsMySpiritAnimal Mon 02-Nov-20 05:00:12

Very wet and windy in Hertfordshire.

Susanwouldntlikeit Mon 02-Nov-20 05:04:33

Howling here too all night in London. As an English teacher I actually quite like how the weather fits theses utterly depressing times (‘pathetic fallacy’)😀 Much more fitting than blazing hot summer days...

BooseysMom Mon 02-Nov-20 05:04:54

It was Aiden yesterday and the tail end of another one over night. Something beginning with Z? Our back garden is like a bog.

PolPotNoodle Mon 02-Nov-20 05:10:11

Very windy here in East London. We have a willow tree out the front which is conveniently whipping the windows to add to the drama.

Lovelydovey Mon 02-Nov-20 05:41:50

Very windy here and it’s blown a strip of felt off the flat former loft roof which is flapping around and banging on the window. Likely to be an insurance job in the morning....

GetOuttaMyPub Mon 02-Nov-20 05:45:25

Been roaring winds here all night (London) and still going strong.

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