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The cost of toddler groups

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Notsofunnynow Fri 30-Oct-20 18:07:05

So two of our favourite toddler classes have restarted recently. Group 1 was £5 prior to lockdown and is now £10. Group 2 was £8 and is now £20. Classes are the same format as before lockdown, no added extras - I think the prices are to make the class viable for the teacher as there can be less people in the class. I understand the teachers need to make a living, I too have my own business, I totally get it.

But I feel a bit sad that I can no longer afford to take my child to those classes. We had so looked forward to going but now we can't.

Anyone else found that classes have gone up in cost?

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EssentialHummus Fri 30-Oct-20 18:08:46

We’ve found similar. The easy answer in your case is just to do one of these classes, rather than two, no?

Notsofunnynow Fri 30-Oct-20 18:25:27

Well we only used to do 1 a week, they are both pay-as you go. I know it's not the end of the world, but I'm just sad about it. Hopefully as time goes on and restrictions ease, the prices will go down?

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GemmeFatale Fri 30-Oct-20 18:48:03

Swimming for the toddler. Not a class just swimming. Pre COVID £5 for the two of us, £8 if DH came along. Current price £25 with no shower access

hopeishere Fri 30-Oct-20 18:50:28

£8 to £20 is quite a jump! What's the activity?

Notsofunnynow Fri 30-Oct-20 19:16:25

That's a bit pricey Gemmefatale! We went swimming and it was £18 which I thought was bad enough!

The £20 session is a sort of sensory/messy play/music thing. It's really great, but hard to justify £20 for an hours entertainment?

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Ratatcat Fri 30-Oct-20 21:28:03

I pay just under that for baby swimming but wouldn’t spend that much for anything else. It’s a shame that the class probably isn’t viable in a covid environment but I don’t think raising prices by that much is the way to go.

I do really feel for people who are priced out of activities especially as so many playgroups are not running. There must be a lot of new parents that are very isolated.

KitKatastrophe Fri 30-Oct-20 21:35:08

Yes. Ours was £4.50 for 40 minutes and siblings come free. It's now £5 for 30 minutes and pay for siblings, so it would cost me £10.

I am just looking forward to toddler groups in church halls and similar things opening, as they're usually donation only or a few £.

BogRollBOGOF Fri 30-Oct-20 21:38:24

My DCs Karate costs the same but 15 mins has been taken off to get the class out and clean between cohorts. Understandable.

It must be very hard with young children as many venues haven't reopened for hire and it's the dearer franchaises that have coped better with reopening.

MrsJBaptiste Fri 30-Oct-20 21:57:26

Bloody Hell, I presumed you were talking about church hall toddler groups that are £1.50 a time.

£20 for any activity is just ridiculous!

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