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Trainer sizes men’s v women’s

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Kpo58 Wed 07-Oct-20 09:38:58

I never buy women's trainers because they are only in small sizes. Apparently women don't have size 10 & above feet.

liverpoolnana Wed 07-Oct-20 09:29:55

May I hitch-hike on to this thread and ask if men's trainers are actually wider per size, compared with women's? (I know the OP said they looked wider, but that could be the design). I want to order some online for my hideous wide feet and don't want the bother of returning them.

I speak as one who ended up buying a size 11 from Aldi for my size 8 feet as their sizing was so rubbish.

KingJulianIsMyName Wed 07-Oct-20 07:08:28

I have large feet, usually a size 9. I have bought some men’s trainers in a size 8 and they fit absolutely fine. However when I look at them I can’t help knowing they are men’s trainers and for the money I have spent on them I’m not sure I will be happy wearing them. They look wide. They do the same version in women’s trainers, does anyone know if I bought an 8 in women’s whether they should be the same length as an 8 men’s? confusedconfused

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