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Single Mum and Student?

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NellWilsonsWhiteHair Wed 07-Oct-20 19:37:51

I did it (DC was nearly 18 months when I started my MSc). I can’t comment on the specifics of money/benefits because this was 7 years back now and I think it can all be so individually specific anyway (FWIW, I had a stipend which covered my course fees and nursery fees, and also received HB which covered my rent; it was a frugal year but we coped). But I have been so endlessly glad I did it. It was unspeakably tough at times but has been almost-essential to my subsequent career. In some ways (I’ve since worked full-time, whilst also obv continuing to be a LP and had a second child too) it was actually a nicer balance as a LP than work was - obviously hugely challenging, but things like if I was late/missed a lecture because of an ill child or whatever, then that was ‘just’ my problem, rather than the same situation arising at work when it also becomes a work problem! My course was demanding but it also allowed me some degree of flexibility which meant I could spend more time with DS than work ever did, even if there was then a lot of midnight oil burning.

FWIW I also found it really intellectually stimulating and that was good for me emotionally. YMMV because again that’s so context-dependent, but for me it was such a positive thing to do.

Bearnecessity Wed 07-Oct-20 19:30:28

No worries....good luck and power on through...

alittleredhen Wed 07-Oct-20 10:13:38

Thank you @Bearnecessity, that's very helpful

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Bearnecessity Tue 06-Oct-20 19:32:05

You can claim UC, housing benefit and will not have to pay Council tax . You can claim Maintenance grant through Depending what your MA is in there are usually claimable higher research grants connected to field of learning. You should also use Turn2us website who will help you access what you may be entitled. I did a PGCE when my ds was 4 and I was on my own. It is doable, it will be ok.

alittleredhen Tue 06-Oct-20 19:17:15

I'm after some advice re being a single mum and a student if anyone is willing to share some insight?
In short, some events semi relating to Covid have fucked over my career. The only way I can see to get it back on track is to go back to uni and study for an MA. If I do, I'll only be able to work part time. I'm a single mum to one primary age D.C. I have childcare support but no financial support. My student loan would cover the fees but I'm not sure how realistic it would be financially.

Am I completely mad? Will I be making us destitute for a year? Is there any financial support available in the form of bursary's or maintenance grants? Feeling a little overwhelmed with trying to figure it all out at the moment 😔

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