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Cineworld to close again

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CormoranStrike Sun 04-Oct-20 08:02:34

According to the Times Cineworld is shutting all its UK and US cinemas until 2021, with all staff to be made redundant.

With all big cinema releases being delayed, and tiny numbers attending, I am not surprised, sadly. My own cineworld has been like a ghost town when I’ve visited this past month.

And I really do wonder if mothballing isn’t just delaying the inevitable.

I feel heart sorry for the arts industry.

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EerilyDeleted Sun 04-Oct-20 08:06:51

That is sad but not surprising. I haven't heard anyone I know say they've been to the cinema or even considered it since lockdown, including my DH and DD who usually go at least once a month. It's just fallen off the radar as a thing to do.

Jaffapaffa Sun 04-Oct-20 08:09:56

I've been twice a week since it reopened. Feels really safe, and is a welcome distraction from everything else going on at the moment. I'll be sorry to see it shut again.

GachaBread Sun 04-Oct-20 08:11:03

Sad times if to be true.

Saladd0dger Sun 04-Oct-20 08:13:01

I been wanting to go to the cinema. Our local has nothing showing that would interest us. We have been waiting for the new bond film but it’s been pushed back again 😩

JacobReesMogadishu Sun 04-Oct-20 08:13:45

The film industry is shooting itself in the foot if they’re not going to release big films. James Bond has been delayed again. Enola Holmes was meant to be a cinema release but went straight to Netflix.

People may be put off by safety fears but they’re even less likely to visit if there’s no decent new film to see.

So cinema chains go bust and when this is all over where are the films going to be released? I guess maybe new ones will start up? Or will we permanently see films go straight to Sky/Netflix/dvd?

Suckmuckduck Sun 04-Oct-20 08:15:08

Did it say when they’re closing?

DillonPanthersTexas Sun 04-Oct-20 08:26:56

I do like the big screen experience but I stopped going to mainstream cinemas years ago when I felt that the basic behaviour of a sizable minority of selfish idiots rendered the whole trip pointless. Cinema etiquette seems to have declined sadly. There is a private cinema near me that only charges a few extra quid and it will be sad if that closes for good as they have a good formula that makes the whole visit enjoyable.

Lemonylemony Sun 04-Oct-20 08:42:21

Oh this is sad, we are Unlimited members and they’ve been throwing incentives at us left right and centre (free snacks, members only showings etc).

I just found this out on Twitter and the worst thing is that employees haven’t been informed, this is how they are finding out, announcements in newspapers. Shocking.

GetTheStartyParted Sun 04-Oct-20 08:53:05

I've been at least once a week since they reopened and they have felt really safe.

Unfortunately, the only time I have seen many other people there is when we watched Tenet. Most other films, we either had the screen to ourselves or there was under 10 people in there. Without new releases, it appears unsustainable.

All big new films are delaying there release dates, which is going to kill cinemas.

Kanaloa Sun 04-Oct-20 09:01:20

I’ve been dying to go to the cinema but my local is showing movies like Harry Potter and Silence of the Lambs, which are on Netflix/Prime. It just isn’t worth paying for us to see a film we could see at home when we already pay for Netflix & Prime. If there were some new films out I would go for sure. It will be so sad if cinemas end up closing.

blamethecat Sun 04-Oct-20 09:04:26

I looked to see what was on today, all old films we have no interest in watching. Surely there are films made and ready to go ?

middleager Sun 04-Oct-20 09:08:32

This is sad news. I go to Cineworld for the 3D Imax experience. Obviously there haven't been any for a while, but we've been doing this with DC for a year or so and it had just become pur thing.

I've been to Showcase a few times in lockdown and a busy Cineworld in a seaside resort. We mainly saw re-runs of classics plus Tenet.

I haven't been since the kids went back to school as am worried about Test &Trace but looking at what's on there's nothing I want.

I feel very sad as growing up and throughout my life, cinema has played a key role. My children are the same and I do wonder, as they are teens now, if they will miss out on this experience.

user1471565182 Sun 04-Oct-20 09:13:34

I think its been coming for a long time to be honest. Streaming would have killed it off anyway.

Lemonylemony Sun 04-Oct-20 09:21:28

This is all over every news outlet online yet Cineworld themselves don’t seem to have made an announcement, informed their employees or anything - their twitter feed in the last 24hrs is promoting special showings etc. Doesn’t seem very joined up approach from their management.

CormoranStrike Sun 04-Oct-20 09:25:20

I’m an unlimited member too and didn’t get offered any incentives. grin

However, I have gone about five times since it reopened and deliberately bought my snacks and drinks there to try to boost the coffers.

The busiest screening I went to had six people at it, so sadly the writing was on the wall.

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lynsey91 Sun 04-Oct-20 09:25:42

I think this is so sad. Me and DH love going to the cinema. You just cannot compare watching a film there to watching on your tv at home.

I also do not think it is expensive to go. A film normally lasts around 2 hours so I think it is good value. You do not have to buy food or drink. I find it easy enough to watch a film without having to eat at the same time

Waxonwaxoff0 Sun 04-Oct-20 09:28:23

How awful.

I've been going to the cinema to try and support the industry while I'm still in work myself, even though there have been no new films out. It feels very safe and we really enjoy it. Our local is an Odeon though.

rookiemere Sun 04-Oct-20 09:35:42

It is sad, but unsurprising. We went last Saturday night to watch Tenet, and whilst the film was not great the cinema experience felt incredibly safe, but with a prime time Saturday night showing less than a half full I can see how they can't make any money, even with DH buying the vile smelling stale overpriced nachos.

mygrandadsvest Sun 04-Oct-20 09:39:10

Sad but I do think this has only brought the demise of chain cinemas forward. I suspect that in a few years films will go straight to pay per view streaming with only a few high end cinemas left- we have an Everyman cinema near us and I wouldn't go anywhere else now (after Covid!) - I think this will be the norm for those wanting to go the pictures as a treat.

Lemonylemony Sun 04-Oct-20 09:48:33

Really @CormoranStrike I was sent an email saying free nachos and free popcorn! And several special “unlimited screenings” but they’re normal. Perhaps it varies by individual location.

Pinstripes6 Sun 04-Oct-20 09:51:39

Our Odeon cinema is being rented out to the high court for their juries during the day, and movies by night. It’s mad.

timegoesbysoslowly Sun 04-Oct-20 09:53:28

This is sad I'm a unlimited member and used to go 2-3 times a week before Covid hit

Not been seen March, I don't drive and don't want to get a bus into town just to watch a film. Don't want to go into town anyway I'm just been going to local shops, online shopping

I'm not surprised they can't survive, feel sorry for the staff. I hope it's temporary and next year the arts can come back

burnoutbabe Sun 04-Oct-20 10:00:11

I have been twice since cinema re-opened. I feel safe but there is nothing I want to watch! Only bill n ted or mutants. Or kids stuff (seen tenet)

JuiceyBetty Sun 04-Oct-20 10:05:11

I’m genuinely sad about this. I love going to the cinema and have been an Unlimited customer for years.

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