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Would you start looking for a full time job in these circumstances?

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BeccaBloomwood Wed 30-Sep-20 10:38:12

I currently work 17.5 hours per week, over 2 days. I earn just more than minimum wage and don't see myself progressing in my current role.

My DP works full time, on approximately £18000 per year, our income is currently topped up by tax credits.

I'm getting itchy feet and feeling a bit frustrated with my current work situation, but had resigned myself to staying in my role until my youngest is eligble for her 30 free hours at nursery in September 2021.

Come September 2021 I was planning on keeping my 2 usual days in the office and then exploring the possibility of taking on 2 shorter days working from home (I work in a call centre where WFH was never the norm but Covid has proved it can be done and the company has asked staff how they feel about the possibility of WFH on a more permanent basis). Doing 2 shorter days in the office wouldn't be feasible due to the commute time and the fact I don't drive and am reliant on public transport.

This situation isn't guaranteed but if I were able to do this we'd be relying less on tax credits and I would be able to do the school drop offs and pick ups.

I've just been browsing indeed (do it all the time!) and have seen 2 full time jobs advertised that I think I would be perfect for, both in the financial industry which I'm in at the moment but the roles are definitely what I see myself doing in the future. I'm torn on whether applying for these would be a good idea, as its a year before I imagined making any changes to my job situation.

The pros:
-not 100% call centre based
-would no longer rely on tax credits when younger DD starts school
-develope my skills in the hope of actually maybe making a career for myself

The cons:
-full time work out the house from 7:30 till 6pm Monday to Friday
-DD would go to full time wraparound care (she currently does 1 day per week) which is a long day for her and she struggles quite a bit with school
-younger DD would be in nursery full time (although she loves her nursery) and we'd have the full time nursery costs until she joined the school nursery next year

Wise mumsnetters, any advice you can give would be gratefully received, my fingers are itching to apply but I know the timing isn't great.

Also, one of the jobs is a temporary role to cover a maternity position. Although its not ideal I would be working for the same company my DP works for and they have a brilliant reputation. I'd be hopeful that after the contract ends I could try for a role within the same company. That role also says experience of Microsoft Excel is essential. My experience of Excel is limited to checking my work rota and holiday rota, is it even worth applying if I don't have good knowledge of Excel?!

Sorry for the long post!

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