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Glassdoor company reviews

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GorgeousLadyofWrestling Tue 29-Sep-20 18:57:24

How much stock do you put in negative reviews?

I have an interview for a company on Friday and when I checked them out on Glassdoor, there’s several reviews describing a toxic working environment.

I’m ok where I am at the moment - a few niggling worries about the longevity of the company but no worries at all about my colleagues. It’s started to put doubt in my mind about the interview on Friday.

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hungrywalrus Tue 29-Sep-20 20:03:07

How old are these reviews and how big is the company? If it’s a small company, perhaps it was one unpleasant manager who made it toxic. It’s possible that that person has gone.

Go in with an open mind and remember that it’s also a chance for you to gauge what it might be like.

Good luck!

GorgeousLadyofWrestling Tue 29-Sep-20 20:24:36

Thank you smile

Worst review was from Nov 2019. One of the most recent ones, from May this year, has been responded to by their Head of People.

I’d say they’re a scale up, from a start up, with only 100+ employees. This would be my third start up, so I’m familiar with challenges but they were saying that their CEO was quite toxic and there was a bullying atmosphere. Not great confused

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BonnieTellyLass Tue 29-Sep-20 20:30:40

Hmm you will find disgruntled employees will use glass door as an opportunity to vent.

Many organisations will have a drive to get employees to leave favourable reviews. I supposed their is bias on both sides....its never going to be a neutral forum!

I did leave a positive and honest review about the organisation i left a few months ago and did read the reviews of other organisations i interviewed for and eventually the company i work for now... there were definitely negatives for both organisations on there including things like toxic culture....if your face fits your fine etc but so far i have not encountered that at eithet place so it can be used as a guide somewhat but shouldnt be the main factor

CitizenFame Tue 29-Sep-20 20:33:28

Glassdoor is one of the first websites I visit after seeing an advertisement for a job I’m thinking to apply to and I have out off applying to companies with overwhelmingly negative reviews.

What was the response like to the most recent review?

Ohalrightthen Tue 29-Sep-20 20:36:46

I'd go to interview, and ask them about the negative reviews. See what they say - that would tell me a lot about whether i wanted to work there.

GorgeousLadyofWrestling Tue 29-Sep-20 20:55:22

Most recent reviews were either fairly balanced with pros and cons, mostly erring on the side of positive.

@BonnieTellyLass that’s what I was wondering...I know in my last two places, there was a big drive to leave positive reviews in order to attract new talent, so how true are these things on either side. Who knows what the agenda is.

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