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Please suggest Best area to live in Reading in terms of Schools

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arti999 Tue 29-Sep-20 16:06:26

Hello mums,
We are planning to move to reading by end of this year, my daughter starts school next September, so we wanted to move to a place with outstanding Primary /Secondary schools.
Can you please suggest which areas are good in terms of schools, living and raising kids.

Many Thanks mums.

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reefedsail Tue 29-Sep-20 16:08:08


Heatherjayne1972 Tue 29-Sep-20 16:37:38

All the tilehurst primary schools are good
Local Secondary schools are all on a similar level ( I.e all as good/bad as each other) - unless you want grammar schools but entry is ( I think ) quite competitive - the two main ones are in Reading itself rather than the suburbs
South of Reading is a less wealthy area and schools reflect this

mogtheexcellent Tue 29-Sep-20 16:40:43

Burghfield/Mortimer way. Two nice villages outside Reading great bus and rail links to Reading. Great community spirit even in Covid times.

All primaries are good. I literally couldnt decide and the Willink high school is one of the top in Berkshire.

mogtheexcellent Tue 29-Sep-20 16:41:09

Also Theale is pretty good.

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