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What adult purchase really shocked you once you saw the price tag?

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AmbsPhillps Sun 20-Sep-20 01:41:43

like when you became an adult , what things surprised you with by the cost

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JohnLapsleyParlabane Sun 20-Sep-20 01:43:19

Spectacles. Dentistry. Running a car.

thelegohooverer Sun 20-Sep-20 01:44:54

Mattresses. It costs a lot not to sleep on the floor

MoreRainbowsPlease Sun 20-Sep-20 01:46:00

Children's shoes. More than mine and I wear mine for years unlike the kids who outgrow them in weeks.

Kote Sun 20-Sep-20 01:46:06

Furniture in general - didn't realise until we bought our first house last year how much it was all going to cost!

Mintjulia Sun 20-Sep-20 02:08:23

Kitchens. A stack of mdf should not cost that much.

And council tax - £2200pa to have a bin emptied twice a month, clear the drains twice a year and provide a library hmm

Poppyisa Sun 20-Sep-20 02:15:04

A new oven. It’s just a box, that heats stuff up. Why are they so expensive?

Susannahmoody Sun 20-Sep-20 02:18:36

Replacement ink for printers

queenmother Sun 20-Sep-20 02:20:37

Any type of building work

TheNewLook Sun 20-Sep-20 02:22:06

Children’s bikes.

SanFrancisco49er Sun 20-Sep-20 02:28:47

The cost of pets: Insurance, kennel/cattery fees, normal vet visits, food, toys, grooming...
Just had them and enjoyed them growing up, no idea they cost so much!!

Tolleshunt Sun 20-Sep-20 02:30:36

Dishwasher tablets, printer ink, plumbers’ hourly rate (plus VAT!!).

Really cannot fathom why any of them are anywhere near the price they are.

molifly14 Sun 20-Sep-20 02:31:39

Council tax
Washing powder

foreverfrustrated09 Sun 20-Sep-20 02:37:03


foreverfrustrated09 Sun 20-Sep-20 02:38:16

Seriously though running a car but also the train ! Yep council tax as well.

Seeingadistance Sun 20-Sep-20 02:47:32

Kitchen bins.

FixItUpChappie Sun 20-Sep-20 02:52:44

I completely shocked when we went bought our first couchshock. Had 2nd hand ones until in our early 30s.....

Actually furniture bought outside of Ikea when that's been your soul diet of home furnishing is a shocker

froggygoneacourting Sun 20-Sep-20 03:05:07

Stepladders are stupidly overpriced.

allfurcoatnoknickers Sun 20-Sep-20 03:20:55

Oh God, yes, the hugs gulf between the cost of Ikea and the next step up "nice" furniture. Such a shock.

Other than that:
Cost of pets was a shock. Still love them and can't be without them though.
Childcare - I am now marginally more understanding as to why my "D"M sent me to a horrendous childminder I loathed for years.
Anything made of leather.

On the flip side, there are loads of things I thought were crazy expensive as a child which aren't actually expensive at all.

pollywollydoodler Sun 20-Sep-20 03:42:10

Plastering, carpets, combi boilers

Famousinlove Sun 20-Sep-20 03:48:51


BoogleMcGroogle Sun 20-Sep-20 04:07:02

We have moved into an old house and have just bought thermal, interlinked curtains. Five pairs- cost of a moderate holiday.

Yankathebear Sun 20-Sep-20 04:16:20

Agree with pp, cheese!

coronafiona Sun 20-Sep-20 04:27:06

Built in microwaves. You can buy one for £20 why is it £700 to stick it in a cupboard

Escapedtothecountry Sun 20-Sep-20 04:34:05

Buying and selling property
Income tax

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