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Can I request my planned c section early?

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EnchantedRoses Mon 14-Sep-20 14:59:00

Hi ladies.
I'm 37+3 weeks pregnant today and need a rant and some reassurance that I'm not completely overreacting! 😔
Throughout this pregnancy I've had a number of issues from anemia, morning sickness so bad I was medicated for it, gestational diabetes and pelvic girdle pain. But there have also been several concerns for baby over the pregnancy through scans and heart monitoring. I've been told several times there have been issues with the trace of the blood flow through the cord and then I've been to another hospital and told all is fine and not to worry. This has happened 4 times now. I have also been told he was measuring very large and then very small and they also had concerns he had a missing beat when they monitored his heart rate.... All of this was pretty tough to swallow.. 🙄
Anyway, now I'm at 37 weeks, and was asked to come into hospital to be monitored after reduced movements and a suspected uti. They scanned and monitored again last night, raising concerns that the blood flow in the cord wasnt right again and that the heart monitor readings were showing dips... The midwife advised last night that they may keep me in for an earlier delivery and explained the risks of me continuing pregnancy if there is a problem with the baby's blood flow from the cord.
So i have been back on monitors and had another scan today to be told nope its all fine?!! Again!
I'd be happy with this if it wasn't the 5th time for it to have happened to us. I've been told something different each time, had extra scans to make sure things were OK and have been given completely different measurements with just days between scans. I've spoken to the consultant as I'm due to have a c section at 39 weeks and have told her this inconsistent information is causing me a lot of stress and I find myself panicking if anything feels different or changes. Is it unreasonable for me to feel completely let down and worried about continuing this pregnancy when I'm being told one thing one minute and something else the next?

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LeSquigh Mon 14-Sep-20 15:35:38

You could try but I did and they would not budge on 39 weeks. In the end I had to have it done at 38 weeks for other reasons. I had what I thought were lots of good reasons to insist on it but they would not do it earlier.

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