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What's everyone up to today?

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lucysmam Sat 12-Sep-20 09:10:38

I didn't get my peaceful cuppa this morning; both girls got up with me sad so I'm sitting in the kitchen, drinking a cuppa, while they chatter away.

Neither has homework to do, just a little bit of reading for dd2 to do.

I'm going to remove uniform, for the job I'm not going back to, from my wardrobe (they want me to work Monday & Tuesday to then tell me on Weds that my hours are redundant because school don't want them to do breakfast. I'm really going to do that when school have said I can have the breakfast club supervising hour from Monday hmm ).

The washer's on & house is fairly clean and tidy so not much housework to do between us.

I think we'll walk down to the new fast food place down the road for an early tea then back to relax however we chose. Probably a musical for dd1, Minecraft for dd2, and maybe tracing a pattern for me.

What about all of you? smile

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UsernameTaken76 Sat 12-Sep-20 09:16:35

I’m enjoying a coffee with my guilty pleasure of don’t tell the bride while DH is walking DDog. I’ve got sausages in the oven and eggs ready to scramble for breakfast when they get back.

Then we’re going to drop some flowers to DH’s great aunt for her birthday but we won’t go in as were in area of high Covid rates. Need to drop some cider round to BIL for his birthday.

Then we will either start working on the garden - going to strip it right back and start again or begin turning the spare room into an office space for DH

Trying the jerk chicken burgers for tea from the new Jamie Oliver book and will watch a few more episodes of the West Wing

Crylittlesister Sat 12-Sep-20 09:19:27

No homework or housework! That makes for a nice weekend.
I, on the other hand, have all the housework. First full week back so have spent all week thinking "I'll do it on the weekend ". My house is a midden.
Other than that, hoping the weather is as nice as is forecast tomorrow, so I can do some gardening.

FromTheAllotment Sat 12-Sep-20 09:50:16

We are all full of cold, courtesy of the DC being back at school. So probably we’ll mope about a bit. I need to do some laundry.

We’re supposed to be meeting a friend tomorrow but I don’t know whether we’ll be up for that now!

Have promised the DC a gamefest on the Wii later so I guess that’s on the agenda too.

badlydrawnbear Sat 12-Sep-20 10:00:09

We can't leave the house, as DC1's school bubble had a positive case.
DH is going to Wales for the night to participate in his hobby (the illogical rules are that DC1 can't leave the house but the rest of us can go out and about as normal), so we have to catch up on the school work set that DC1 didn't do while I was at work on Thursday. I will also get DC2 to do some reading and maths, as she is supposed to go to school but can't on days that I work because DC1 can't stay in the house on her own while DH takes DC2 to and from school. DC1 has to do a project on the Ancient Greeks too as well as Maths and English tasks. We are making cakes for the Brownies Baking badge. I have no idea how else we will spend the day. It was easier in lockdown in the spring, because we could go for long walks in the park/ woods at the end of our street, but I don't think DC will go and run about in the garden for no reason. I will attempt not to have a complete breakdown.
I am cooking sausages for dinner, because that's what DC chose. I hate cooking sausages.

Aebj Sat 12-Sep-20 10:03:09

@UsernameTaken76 I like ‘don’t tell bride ‘ also!!!
I’ve put a wash on, done the ironing, food shop and walk on the beach .

RosieLemonade Sat 12-Sep-20 10:14:07

I’m babysitting DN while my sister takes her driving lesson. We are one social bubble before anyone gets on their high horse. Then I need to take DD buy new tap shoes and then the haberdashery to get some elastic as she’s not allowed laces as the dance teachers can’t do their laces 🤪. DD is being a bit whingy as she started school this week and is knackered but still insisted she slept out at my sisters last night. Will aim for some chill time but have to do hospital visit this afternoon as both of DH’s grandparents are in hospital in quite worrying positions.

lucysmam Sat 12-Sep-20 10:18:53

@badlydrawnbear that sounds like a nightmare & hard work to co-ordinate!

@FromTheAllotment I hope you're all feeling better soon smile

@Crylittlesister it should (should!) be a peaceful weekend <fingers crossed>

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