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Birthday tea?

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victoriasponge678 Tue 08-Sep-20 09:59:27

Son is 7 next week and obviously can't have a birthday party but can we invite his 4 best friends to tea at the local pizza place ? If it's nice weather I will ask to book an outdoor table.

I was planning on driving them all and they are in the same class so in the same school bubble as such!

Was not sure what the rules where or whether you would let your child go to a party/ get together like this ?

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OrangeGinLemonFanta Tue 08-Sep-20 10:01:33

Strictly speaking, its not allowed, but I can't honestly see the problem if they're in the same class. Presumably they sit and eat together at lunch as well as run round at playtime and breathe all the same germs all day.

victoriasponge678 Tue 08-Sep-20 12:14:22

Yes that's what I'm thinking - I wouldn't invite them to our home or but yes they all play all day together!

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