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Are these mice droppings?!

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ProseccoSupernova Tue 08-Sep-20 09:06:18

No we will go back up this afternoon and give it a go! Lovely! 🤣

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MyEnormousTurnip Tue 08-Sep-20 08:52:19

We actually feel quite privileged that they’ve chosen our house to sleep in blush

Any luck with the poo crumbling op?

ChesterDrawsDoesntExist Mon 07-Sep-20 20:41:40

Oooh if it's bats then how lovely! I adore them. Living in Scotland with the dreaded Scottish Midge trying to eat me constantly, I'm a huge bat lover because they eat around 3000 midges per night each! 🦇

ProseccoSupernova Mon 07-Sep-20 20:13:33

Would prefer bats as sounds like they are less destructive! Will do the poo test to see if it crumbles as that apparently means it’s bats poo!

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MyEnormousTurnip Mon 07-Sep-20 20:04:37

Could be bat droppings as they look very similar. We thought we had mice but nothing appeared in the traps and we heard no scuffling. Then we investigated and found bats. They caused no harm apart from a build up a smelly poo under where they sleep, they don’t cause damage or spread disease so we’ve left them to it. No choice really as it’s an offence to disturb them.

Actually we feel a bit soppy about them blush

ProseccoSupernova Mon 07-Sep-20 19:55:45

Bugger! Thanks will order those and hope for the best!

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ChesterDrawsDoesntExist Mon 07-Sep-20 19:27:25

Looks like mouse droppings to me.

I highly recommend a mousetrap you can set by pushing the back down. Much easier to set, open and empty.

BOMPOW Mouse Traps Reusable Snap Mice Traps That Work Rodent Killer Easy to Bait, 4 Pack

Akire Mon 07-Sep-20 19:26:27


Gingernaut Mon 07-Sep-20 19:25:22

Looks like, yup.

ProseccoSupernova Mon 07-Sep-20 19:24:26

Just found in our loft. We haven’t heard any scuttling etc so would be surprised if they are up there, but they looks suspiciously like it to me!

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