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Damaged iPad - repairable?

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penberrh Fri 04-Sep-20 17:04:56

Daughter has damaged her iPad. It still works but the power button no longer works. Anyone happen to know if this is even repairable?


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WordWarrior Sat 05-Sep-20 02:54:37

@penberrh Hi. Well, before I advise you, it would be helpful to know how she damaged it, to make the power button stop working ? In theory, yes, but only if the button is just jammed in. Is it out if warranty ? - If yes, you could take it to a reputable computer repair shop, or even a mobile phone shop, if you've dealt with them before. Make sure you insist that they don't reset the Ipad for any reason, as it's to do an external hardware repair. Although I'm not an Apple user myself, I think the repair process involves removing the back of it, and replacing the power button, or just resetting it, so it works again. Please get several quotes, as prices can vary. £25-£40 would seem reasonable, but not more. Also, if it's still under warranty, don't fix it. If anything else goes wrong with it, Apple won't honour the warranty, as they'll know it's been repaired before, but they may fix the power button at the same time as a repair under the warranty, as a courtesy.

penberrh Sat 05-Sep-20 10:03:00

Thanks for reply!

It’s not under warranty (it was bought second hand). And I noticed afterwards that the screen is also damaged - there is a black blob in the corner near the power button and grey lines going top to bottom (in landscape orientation) about an inch from the edge of the screen.

I did call a local repair shop yesterday and the quote to fix us £200 fir the screen and £120 fir the chassis. It’s an iPad Air 3 (2019).

At that cost it’s just not worth getting it fixed. Trying to decide on a suitable punishment for daughter who said she threw it at the floor in annoyance and it bounced up and hit the wall. Unless something odd was happening with the laws of physics in that room I’m not sure that’s entirely how it happened given there is an iPad corner shaped dent in the wall at waist height.

I’m going totally off topic but it’s been a really shit week for me and this has just topped it off.

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