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Dog barking at night- WWYD?

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Ohnonononononono Thu 13-Aug-20 02:35:14

As above. One of the dogs in the flat below has taken to hour long bursts of barking around this time of night over the last few days. It is loud.

Either their owner is ignoring them from the outset, or leaving them on their own and isn't in.

I'm going to speak to our landlord tomorrow; is there anything else I can do?

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Herbie0987 Thu 13-Aug-20 06:13:13

If they are approachable have a word with the neighbour

BrokenBrit Thu 13-Aug-20 06:22:46

With you saying it’s just beeb the last few nights.. Have you had the thunder storms? Quite a lot of dogs barking at night here due to these horrific storms, they are scared poor things.

Ohnonononononono Thu 13-Aug-20 12:57:51

Unapproachable and aggressive neighbour, so no chance of a nice conversation about it.

No thunderstorms here - they seem to get triggered by people walking down the street in front of our house, although I don't know what makes them carry on after people've walked past. Last night's volley of barking went on for three hours...

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BashfulClam Thu 13-Aug-20 14:21:55

Does your council have a dog warden? Contact them.

Hairthrowaway Thu 13-Aug-20 14:34:02

Council deal with noise complaints. They’d ask you to keep a diary etc

Ohnonononononono Thu 13-Aug-20 14:35:05

Ah, good idea - thanks! I've logged it with the anti social behaviour team this morning.

I've looked for our council's dog warden info and there's a page to report issues with dogs so I've done that too now. There have been ongoing problems for months with their mess in our garden and intimidating visitors and neighbours and me when off lead in shared areas - I really hope somebody can do something.

I think when I was asking what people would do, I also wondered whether it's normal to not attempt to shush the dogs when they start? I assumed my neighbour was out (sound travels really well here - if my flat is quiet, I can hear them fart/stir cups of tea etc), until I heard them finally shouting at the dogs to shut up at about 5am. It started at 2am confused

Thanks again for the suggestion!

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