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A question for any accountants/financial people about Self-Employment Income Support Scheme

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Sundiamond Sat 01-Aug-20 07:13:36

Could someone in the know please answer this for me?

I received the first SEISS grant as I had no work early lockdown (I am a self-employed person who does contract work, i.e. project by project). I signed a contract for a new pipeline of work, thinking it would start in July but it doesn't look like it will start until September.
So, still, no income yet.

However, a small job has come in. If I do this job, which is still a pittance across the 3 months I've been without work, can I still apply for the SEISS? This job is half what I would get via SEISS.

I have to show being adversely affected, but how do you show this? Purely on figures?

Just concerned that HMRC will look more closely at the second grant and don't want to cause problems for myself further down the line.

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AnnaMariaDreams Sat 01-Aug-20 07:39:04

I think you can. You don’t have to earn nothing, just show your business has been affected by Coronavirus.
I haven’t worked since March, going back in September. I could have gone back in June/ July but I have DS to look after.
I had the first grant and will apply for the second. TBH I am just sticking it in savings as we can live without it. I’ll “spend” it after the end of this tax year once I know they aren’t asking for it back. When I say spend it’s going into our mortgage.

AnnaMariaDreams Sat 01-Aug-20 07:40:00

My accountant said your business account figures will show your earnings are down- that’s how you prove you are entitled.

Sundiamond Sat 01-Aug-20 07:41:27

But @AnnaMariaDreams, but you can't know your figures will be down at the time you take the grant? You might end up having a bumper year from September - March?

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AnnaMariaDreams Sat 01-Aug-20 08:21:25

Absolutely no way they will. I’m a dentist and the new rules mean we see far fewer patients, plus to start with due to fallow time I am going back 1 day not 2 which is what I usually work.
However someone in another line of work might have a bumper 6 months which is why I think saving the grant so it can be repaid if needed is sensible.

Chasingsquirrels Sat 01-Aug-20 08:23:34

Regardless of whether you have a bumper income in the future, you are at present when applying for the grant adversely affected. Apply, you are entitled.

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