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Kimiwoo Thu 30-Jul-20 07:50:12

So I’m a first time mum my little boy is almost 11months and I’m really struggling with the way my body looks. I had to have a csection and I still look pregnant and some days I just can’t see past it. I used to be a size 4 - 8 depending on where I shopped and I have loads of amazing clothes but I don’t fit into any of them and I can’t face getting rid of them incase I get back to that size. I try to be active and do a 2 mile walk every few days if not every day and as for eating healthy with a 11month old I eat what is quick most nights. I always had a fast metabolism before I fell pregnant and I still always feel hungry just like before I was pregnant. I just really want to know if I will ever loose my gut as some days it really does get me down and I’m still wearing my maternity jeans as they kinda cover up the belly a bit but I just feel really self conscious about the way I look now and I never used to I just want to get back to feeling that way.

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