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Confused over pregnancy test

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Egghead9 Tue 21-Jul-20 18:45:52

Last week my boobs started to hurt, I did a test and it was a very faint line. My period was due Wednesday. On Thursday I started to bleed and this was quite light and watery, no clots or anything like normal. Every now and then it felt like a small gush but when I checked it was just watery blood. I did another test and still had a faint line. Now Tuesday I have done 3 more tests and still a faint line. The bleeding lasted until sat morning.
My boobs are still hurting and I have belly ache but just don't know what to think.
Has anyone else experience of this.
In my past pregnancies I have had sore boobs straight awd a faint line before my period was dueep dark line afterwards... Someone pls give me some advice. I have called my gp but due to current situation couldn't speak to anyone and I have rang sexual health clinic but need to ring tomorrow. Don't know if this is to do with my age as I am much older now that I use to be lol.... Tia xxxx

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