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Bean to cup coffee machine

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keely79 Sat 23-May-20 13:53:42

As doesn't look like will be going back into the office any time soon, am looking for recommendations for good bean to cup coffee machine - don't want to spend more than £500 and want it to make good cappuccinos and Americanos. Any recommendations?

Growingboys Sat 23-May-20 14:05:51

Delonghi Magnifica is great. I don't make cappuccinos in it - it has a frother though.

Def get a Delonghi though - ours is nine years old and we have used it every day.

I feel sorry for people when I see them queuing to buy coffee in lockdown - feel so smug having this amazing machine at home!

MuthaClucker Sat 23-May-20 14:09:09

We have a DeLonghi Caffe Corso which is brilliant, however we all drink it black so I don't actually know if it's any good for cappuccinos etc

isseywith4vampirecats Sat 23-May-20 14:18:22

delonghi Caffe Corso here too my husband is the coffee drinker and he swears by it but he doesn't use the steamer function so I cant comment on that as im a tea drinker

PontiacBandit Sat 23-May-20 14:23:23

Delonghi Caffe Corso too. I love it so much, it is used every single morning with Lavazzo beans. I prefer it to expensive coffees out now. If it ever did break I'd replace it the next day. 2 button presses to get a double shot coffee with the most delicious crema. I've only just figured out how to use the steamer but it doesn't really need it.

MuthaClucker Sat 23-May-20 14:40:24

Yep the coffee machine and an amazon subscription for Lavazza beans smile. Perfect

Oldandcobwebby Sat 23-May-20 14:51:54

I bought a second hand Delonghi Magnifica ESAM 4200 for £150 and it's bloody wonderful! I really can't praise it highly enough. The mouth feel on the espressos it makes are incredible. Plenty of steam for the milk frother too. Highly recommended! smile

keely79 Sat 23-May-20 20:16:36

Win for the De Longhi by the looks of it! Thanks all. I am more a black coffee drinker myself but DH enjoys a cappuccino

BlueThursday Sat 23-May-20 21:22:29

Our Delonghi Mangnifica is still going strong 5 and a half years later of daily use

Pedallleur Sat 23-May-20 22:03:14

Jura are good as well but note they all need cleaning regularly with e.g. Pulycaff that breaks down the deposits that mar the taste. My gaggia needs the group head seal replacing once in a while and the shower plate (bit that the coffee drains through. More you use them more you have to clean them.

sandybayley Sat 23-May-20 22:10:30

We have an amazing Sage machine. More than your budget but if you could stretch to it I'd really recommend it. DH and I have really enjoying using it during lockdown work breaks and now we can get takeaway coffee it's just not as good as home made!

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