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Football awards evening. What is it?

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Invisimamma Mon 21-Oct-19 16:20:21

My ds age 9 has recently joined a community football team and the awards evening is coming up. This is all new to me and I've no idea what to expect and want to get it right for him.

Tickets are £10 adults and £5 kids and it's in a community centre. They've asked for raffle prizes donated and there's been mention of a seating plan and the boys needing club ties?

Has anyone been to one of these before, that can let me know what to expect. What should we wear? What will happen on the evening? Is there likely to be food/alcohol?

I have no idea why it's making me feel so anxious! My son loves the club but they do seem quite disorganised with admin/info.

maternity123qwe Mon 21-Oct-19 16:30:32

They are the most boring thing known to man!we are on year 10 of them 🙈 for DSS. All the year groups attend, so age 6-18. Some year groups have three teams.

Kids wear white shirts club tie and then some form of trouser (or skinny jeans the older they get)
Every child gets a trophy, then there is players player, managers player. They all go up get their trophies - each team manager gives a “speech”. They are normally long winded talking about how various kids played etc.

Ours last around 3 hours, most parents drink alcohol to get them through it.

There is sometimes food at ours depends - then there is a raffle at the end to raise funds for the club.

maternity123qwe Mon 21-Oct-19 16:31:34

Some parents get dressed up , some are casual , so up to you really!

Invisimamma Mon 21-Oct-19 16:39:47

Thanks! Sounds as dull as a school prize giving then! We're a small club and they don't have teams at each year group so hopefully it'll go a bit quicker. Not sure my 4yr old will sit through 3 hours of that.

I'll need to get ds a shirt!

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