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Help or advice please.

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Jessical1990 Thu 10-Oct-19 10:57:34

I have a sick child and don't know if anyone can advise me please.
•Maintenance - we have a consent order but the solicitor never put in to increase it so he’s never increased since 2008!
Can I increase it somehow?
Can the child support people help if I have a consent order?
•Mortgage - the EC has said if I go for more maintenance (I asked him politely first) - he said if I try this he’d force me to sell the house to get his name off the mortgage, can he?
•Housing - if he forces sale/if I have to sell up where do we stand with housing as we’ll have some equity 50-100k? Could I get my daughter her own bungalow with her dogs and a bedroom for me as carer.

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